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100 funny phrases

BUCKED NAKEDS.twitchy taint,electro pussy,cookiejacker,id boom boom pow yo bitch ass,hey asshole my asshole dosnt give 2 shits either,nnnn snarf snarrf,so gay he plays cum tennis,bacons for micheal myers, oh my eyes are fake?your ass is a bowl of lumpy pataters,your obviously a muffin perv, i like to get on wastebook and mywaste,how many times must i yell it to you?chiken does fly...in sauce, sonny moores really poor and dahvie vanitys reallly is a skittle tree,cops don't like you cause you dont say please, optimus prime and chuck norris are my real fathers,why the fuck is chocolate chip named chocolate chip? its a fukin rat droppping look to it,shwagg not stirred{sean connery voice}, i smoked a bowl using wizkhalifa's adam's apple...where have i ben? cmon!dady needs some lovin and some loooovin, you ever had a pancake sandwhich?, i cried in my chardonnay now it taste like sprite? i'd sell you if i knew you were made some thing else besides being full of shit,headhpones are like unportective sex tot he ears,hey!theres a twinkie in my doughnut!, how bout i try to cook and we can watch all of it blow up!, theres nothing on tv but these moving pictures that i dont but actually do see,after im done skating i take a shower with a spong and thats why spongbob hates me,hey lets diesct a frog!no fuk that a sandwhich, iv ben sitting on this couch for so long my ass has become a new couch pillow, atleast a teddy bear wont give you rabies, i stabbed that bitch edward cullen in europe in a pond and now its call the black sea, this dudes dumb enough to brush his teeth with qtips and clean his ears with his dogs toothbrush, you say debit i say credit you say i have no gas i say you have feet so flintsone that bitch, justin bieber and scooby doo had roughneck sex and poped domo out biebers vag, i like how you only love my skinnys cause you can see my package!fuk i look like ups?, never backflip with a hotdog in your mouth, whose up for...strip mahjong?,kids are beggars and choosers we beggar for monster energy drink money and choose not to anything all day, how many bored people does it take to facebook?,my chick rubbed her chest on my chest and got rugburn on my chest rug,double cheese burger?QUADRUPLE THAT SHIT! i would fart but i dont wanna fuck up my ass perm. yea im done im taht bored thanx for readinh

every second away

the wolf travels across the land of cold comments and mishaps of misfortune endearing diffrent after every unthought move. he trys to stay vigilant and bold but in side lies a pup whos inhured stabbed beaten and now at this point hes lost on a journey from cave to cave to look for another person that will help his inner soul more than she trys. he would be surpised that he's still alive after the punishment he dealt with to keep on in the fight he used to be in but now hes not bored just dreading the day he lost his one true wolfeness but until he finds another that is diffrent and caring like she was he can still keep his head high but instead he keeps it low in deception desiring the true emotion that still scratches the back of his skull:compassion. he feels fate played its cards but he messed up his part by being who his leaders raised him to be. and ingonarant thrash talkin dumbass who still cant seem to give respect to his fellow man because he gets noting at all. no respect ambition pride cheers or help when he's out alone just defeat and pain at each crawling movement. he wants her to understand but ever since she left to hunt for other alpha males the only thing he can do is just watch in the cold on the sidelines as they try to pick in his brain to figure out what she did that made him so damn complete. to sum it up two halves make a whole and he just feels like half the beast he is. he may not be a puppy anymore but he still acts like one a little yet he changed so much in a matter of a couple of days alone drifting from cave to cave confused and annoyed by what occured. but soon he shall dye sometime after december from reason he has yet to explain.reasons no one can understand because they dont care. she did and she problalbyy does but what does it matter. whats done is done and the damage is visual. now he shall continue on his journey on finding true happiness again hopfully