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Please see my Christmas singalong (see Lyrics, but you people could write your own!), and just..... well, sing along!

Bill's back

This week I am going back to see Bill Wyman, the Stones bassist, 48 years since I first saw him at the City Hall. Didn't hear a single note that night (screaming) so it was a wasted effort really. My friend is constantly reminding me that I made a big thing of picking up discarded posters. (No, I don't have any, before you ask). Wonder if Bill will recognise me. Guess I've changed a bit. More than Bill probably.

Proud Mary

Today (May 12) would have been my mother's birthday. Although her name was Mary, she was always known as Polly. She would have been 93 now. But she died in 1996, having contracted Alzheimer's some years before. Last month I recorded the CCR song (also made famous by Tina Turner) matching my blog title with my great friend Harry Edgar. This was the first time I had ever sung this song. Would my mother feel proud of me today? Hopefully, but probably as a husband and father - she was never that keen on me doing music! She was old-school 'proper job' Polly!