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Moving Forward this Fall.

Thanks to Jenny and Bill for being such gracious hosts last night at their BDay Bash. We were well taken care of from beginning to end and that is always appreciated.

We have a short hiatus from shows for a few weeks which we are going to use to put the finishing touches to our upcoming EP. We would like to release it next month so it's crunch time! Stay tuned for release party info as we want nothing more than to share this event with our GDog friends and family - the Pound!! Take care.

Back into the studio.

Hey Dog Friends and Family! Spring is in the air and we are already gearing up for Summer. This will be a short update but we have had some questions about the change in our normal frenzied gigging schedule so wanted to let everyone know what we are up to. After having wrapped up a BUSY 2016, we have made 2017 the year to fully commit to getting a batch of originals recorded and released. To that end, we have purposely curtailed our performing schedule to concentrate on our new tunes. We have already recorded a few with our good friend Matt Azzarello at his studio. Our next recording date is at the end of the month in an ambient setting which will be a secret for now. Not because we think we will be inundated with curious paparazzi, but we don't want the owners to know, lol! Our goal is to have our finished product available in time for the Summer. Speaking of Summer, we are starting to book shows now. We have some wicked return private parties and also some new locales we can't wait to get to. Our big one this year is our trip to Quebec to play at a private function which should be a wild hoot. May need ankle monitors for that trip.... So, thanks for reading and staying in touch. Will reach out again as our recording release date gets closer. Take care and see you down the road soon! Dean (on behalf of the band).

A Rolling Garage Dog Gathers No Moss

Hello out there! Hope you are doing well and thanks for taking the time to read this "howl" on behalf of the band. It would take nothing short of a novel to bring you up to speed on doings since my last update with only myself to blame! So having said that, let's start with more recent events and work backwards, time and space allowing. The past Wednesday (October 12) we were honoured to take part in a fundraising event organized by James Burton of Investors Group on behalf of Northumberland Fare Share Food Banks and Rebound Child and Youth Services - two vital and deserving organizations in our community. We shared Port Hope's Capitol Theatre stage with Stacy Doherty's led new band, Greatest of Ease, and solo artist Cale Crowe. It was far too raucous an evening of music and sweaty performance for the middle of the week. Thank goodness we had the dancing charms from those in attendance, especially those of our band friend Jennifer Carter who graciously joined us on stage. Our camera-playing Dog, David Goodfellow, captured the spirit of the night as he usually does - with an artistic and stylish eye. This marks the second show we have played with our new official line up. Doug Bates, Northumberland's premier fundraiser and one of the county's biggest philanthropists, has turned now to other necessary and vital priorities. Doug remains a close part of the GDog family and we are grateful for the musical support he gave us for the past year and a bit. Our rhythm section is now officially anchored by Phil Taylor and Joe Azzarello, on drums and bass, respectively. Phil and Joe have most recently been the bada**es-of-groove in Jackhammer and Joe was also a former bandmate of Todd's in Summerhouse. Joe has been playing with the band for about a year now since our "Most Versatile Player", Matt McCready, has been enjoying the joys of new fatherhood - although not so new anymore, eh Matt? You'd think that with these amicable band changes we would take it easy on the performance schedule. Well, a saner group would but we hate to say "no" when asked to play and so we have kept our foot on the peddle during all of this. If nothing else it has forced us to work even harder to make sure our shows wouldn't suffer as our new playmates joined us. Really akin to cannonballing into the pool instead of slinking in one step at a time. To that end, we have played more private parties and functions this year than last. We have also enjoyed some higher profile shows this past year, including but not limited to the Cobourg Waterfront Festival, Port Hope Canada Day, the Cultivate Festival, Cobourg Sidewalk Music Fest, Port Hope Fall Fair, YMCA Strong Kids and Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny. We always look forward to our semi-regular shows at the Cobourg Mill and have now put Turtle John's in Port Hope in our rotation. However, the biggest night of the year so far had to be the surprise anniversary party for our GDog family members, Clay and Carol Benson. THAT was a party! Now to the future. As we introduced at Cultivate and will continue to do so, we have a number of originals that are being roadtested before we head into the studio. We are hoping for an EP release in the new year. Also, we are heading off to Quebec for a mini-tour this July which is going to be wicked fun. Until then we have a Nov gig at Turtle John's, a few Christmas shows coming up and back at the Cobourg Mill in the New Year. We are having the time of our lives and are always grateful to be able to do this. Please come out and dance on your troubles with us - you won't regret it. Take of yourselves and each other. DS

Mea Culpa!

As the title says, I must apologize for the lapse in keeping you up to date with our band doings. Perhaps when you read what we've been up to you'll forgive me! For those who have not seen us, even lately, but love us from afar, we have had a few major personnel changes: Our longtime Dog and original member Mark "MVP" Rice made the difficult but honourable decision to leave the band to spend more time with his young family. We miss him but better our feeling that way than his children. Ricer was a key player in the band establishing a hard-rocking performance reputation and he will never be forgotten. This led to a brave move from our drummer, Matt "Mc2" McCreadie, taking on bass duties. Matt is almost vaudevillian in his multiple musical skills, John Oliver doppleganger notwithstanding. He is also a threat on the keyboards and has a keen set of ears and surprising sense of rhythm, given his appearance as the innocent boy next door. Now - how to complete the rhythm section? Enter Northumberland's hardest working philantropist, Mr. Doug Bates. Doug had pinched hit for us on drums already but now became a full fledged member of the band. He is a hard working team member and we are grateful for the fundraising opportunities he has opened us for us. You might think that was enough movment for any given band this side of Axl Rose, but you would be wrong. Our longtime friend and occasional performing-partner-in-crime, Todd Garrison, sadly found himself without a band when his former group disbanded. After multiple meetings between his people and ours, a kind-of-friendly arrangement was worked out. It was good for everyone, except Mike W. owes him a couple of guitars if we don't play the ACC by 2017. Todd brings his impressive vocal chops to our little family affording us a chance to open up our repetoire to more complicated and layered songs, emphasizing harmonies and duets. Not to mention he's one of the good guys. So - there's the lineup changes. We have continued to play about 30-40 shows each year and we still haven't hit our full potential. From bars to weddings, from anniversaries to birthday parties, from festivals to benefits, we continue to work hard at bring honest, sweaty, danceable rock and roll to those pure enough of spirit to join our barnstorming party. If you have the chance to see us, dance with us, or just leave us a note on Facebook or this site, please do. We are making sure we aren't going to wake up 10 years from now wishing we had busted out of our comfort zones (or off the couch!) - have you?

Take care and see ya down the road a bit.


The Northumberland Musical Family

We are exactly three weeks from Christmas Day but the spirit of giving has been in action for the last few months with our special family in Northumberland.

Spearheaded by Doug Bates, with over 20 musical acts, a CD was compiled and was kicked off with a magical night at the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope.

Our contribution to the CD was our first professionally recorded original, "What s Handed Down," recorded, engineered and co-produced by Scott Harris at this Church St. studio in Port Hope.

All proceeds from this CD will go towards the Northumberland United Way - here is the link: http://www.artistsfornorthumberlandcountyunitedway.ca. Would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for the local music philanthropist in your family!

Next week we are stoked to take part in two more worthy causes, both striking close to home. On Wednesday, Dec. 11, we are taking part in the Northumberland Gives event being held to support 6 vital community organizations in our county. There will be 15 musical performers who have generously and graciously offered up their time and talent to show that they care about their brothers and sisters. We are supported by a still-growing number of sponsors, primarily Ali and Sabir, owner and manager of Franks Pasta and Grill, 426 King St. E. The magic and overall positive vibe starts at 4 pm and rolls on until 11ish. We would love and appreciate any of our Dog Pound friends who could make it out to contribute to the evening and our goal by giving their time as well. FBers can check out the official site at https://www.facebook.com/pages/FNV-Events/341722528478?id=341722528478&sk=events#!/pages/Northumberland-Gives/541346339287845.

Two days later we have the deepest honour to provide some live dance tunes at a benefit for our friends Sara and James Matheson. Sara is fighting cancer but not fighting it alone. Family, friends and colleagues are rallying around the Mathesons to show love and support in a tangible manner. This fundraising event will happen at the Masonic Lodge in Port Hope and all are welcome who want to help. The FB site is at https://www.facebook.com/pages/FNV-Events/341722528478?id=341722528478&sk=events#!/events/695373677147361/. As if this was not enough activity, please join us in welcoming our newest Garage Puppy to the family - Miss Ella Woods has made her stage entrance and we are sending much love to beaming parents, Christine and Mike Woods.

Well, that is enough to give all of you an idea of where we are at right now. Thank you for taking the time to read this and more importantly, joining us at our live shows. Sometimes dancing on our problems is all we need at any given moment and we could not do it without you. Stay tuned for news about our new single release and have a rockin Christmas and New Year!

Summer is still alive!

Dog Pound!

Still plenty of summer left but a lot has been accomplished on this end of the GDog family. We have played close to 20 gigs this year and half since May! As with the summer weather we still have some big shows left to go. On Aug. 17 we are playing the Cobourg Ribfest for the first time, from 4 -7 pm. As if that wasn't enough, we are scooting from Victoria Park to a private party with minutes to spare. We have also just booked our return engagements to Caseys and Franks in September and October respectively. At the end of August we are working with a local businessman who has graciously donated his time and property to host a family and friends only fundraiser for the Northumberland Humane Society. Anyone interested should message the band website for more info. This is yet another first for the band and we are humbled to have been asked to spearhead this event. A new batch of band tshirts are on their way as well and we are still working on originals, just to keep things brewing. On a sidebar, Mike and Dean have just completed more work on their upcoming radio show to be aired in September - more on that later. The band is stronger and more vital than ever. We would be nothing without the support of our families and our friends in the Dog Pound. Thanks for sticking with us and hope to see you at any or all of these upcoming shows. Take care and give each other a proper sniff, the Garage Dog way. Cheers, Dean

Summer's in the Air

Evening Friends, Long time no sniff! Don't take it personally, things have been moving in the Garage Dog camp and I'll bring you up to speed as an apology.

Our show this Saturday, May 18, marks the first of 5 in 7 consecutive weeks. We are extremely honoured to have been asked to contribute to the show this Saturday for our brother in music, Tom Payton of Summerhouse. There might be a few tickets left if you want to come out and see a range of acts coming together to help one of our own. This upcoming show will also be the debut of our new drummer, Mr. Coltrane Faragher. Ricer is moving on to bass for the next while but for this performance Cole's dad and our friend, Sweet Pete Faragher will form the family rhythm section! Dave Savage had to leave for personal reasons and we wish him luck with whatever could be more important than treading the boards with us - lol. Saturday, May 25 we are returning to the Port Hope Legion. This is a fantastic spot for a late afternoon drink and dance to get your weekend off to an excellent start. Great crowd last time and looking forward to some more fun this time around. We are playing our first wedding on June 1 and personally, I am looking forward to life imitating art as last season's Wedding Band was a favorite of mine. Saturday, June 8 we get back to Warkworth's Park Pub and Grill. This is a fantastic watering hole with locals that want to dance, drink, dance some more and don't care what anyone else thinks - definitely our kind of people. We then have a couple of weeks off which might see us fine tuning some originals we've been working on with the plan of recording this summer. Best laid plans... Then, the big one to announce the summer - Friday, June 28 we jump, jive and wail at Casey's in Cobourg. For our teacher comrades this is the last official day of work for a bit and what better reason to get a little K-razy to bring in the summer. Whew! More to come in July and August but that's enough for now. Take care of yourselves and make sure you say hi when you come out to live a little at our next show. Lick & a sniff from the band - Dean

Ruff and Roll!

Evening all! Hitting the mid-summer stride now and we have had a busy time of it til now and still not done. We announced summer with a bang with about 10 shows from mid-June till end of July. Was a spicy mix of regular bar gigs, parades, bandshells and private parties - not much moss growing on our end. The best part is always the people we are playing for, whether they are dancing in front of or with us we always get a charge from that energy. We are grateful each and every time for that participation. Our high times have been balanced with some more sobering developments. Our long time friend and bassist, Eric Roberts, has had to leave the band due to family obligations. Enriques will always be welcome with his Dog mates on stage and hopefully you will see him make a guest appearance from time to time. Stepping in for Eric is long time local phenom, Mr. Dave Savage. Dave and Dean played together in Diana and Those Guys many moons ago, with Roxie too, and despite that Dave was ready and willing to join the Dogs. We are honoured to have him on board and hope we are not too much of a let down for his high expectations! With all of our gigging thus far it is hard to believe we are not yet finished for the summer. On Saturday, August 25 we are pleased to be part of a bill of local artists coming together for a World Vision fundraising concert. This event has been put together under the leadership of Steven Schill, a Cobourg high school student. It is impressive that Steve has seen his initial vision through to completion and we hope that our community comes together to support all of our youth involved. There is plenty of complaining about our young people but here is a chance to support and encourage those same young adults who are acting on behalf of a worthy cause. I sincerely hope that their peers and the town adults recognize their collective efforts and give up a few hours of their Saturday night to support them. Tickets can be purchased at Party LInes on Elgin St. at $10 a piece. Well, that is quite a mouthful for now and so I will let you go - thanks for reading this far! Hope to see you at a show down the road. Cheers, Dean

Late night danger

Writing late at night always offers an element of danger as the self-edit button doesn't always work as it should. WTH, here goes! Summer is around the corner and GD is looking at its third fun in the sun circuit of live shows. Hard to believe. Check out our listings, public and private, on any of our three sites and try to come out and have some fun with us. We are way past the wanting-to-be-famous stage and now just want to suck the marrow out of every live opportunity we have. Life's tough enough as it is so why not join us and forget about it for awhile - that's why we're doing it! We're still trying to find the time to polish up our originals and we have a plan afoot. Hopefully it comes to fruition before summer's out. Plan #2 is to branch our shows beyond Northumberland (yes, we have dabbled in Campbellford a few times) and into Peterborough. A hard nut to crack but stay tuned for some road trip possibilities. New merch will be ready by June as our first few orders of t-shirts sold out - not just to family in the way of birthday and Christmas presents either. So far so good and no profanity which is makes for a good curtain call. We are playing at The Mill tomorrow night (Thursday, May 24) and back at Casey's in June. We are lining up some guests for each one and if you can escape from the domestic madness have a drink and dance with us - we won't tell. Cheers and stay golden. Dean (GD)


So it hasn't been quite two months and I'm checking back in with all of you - not bad....not good, either, but ah well. The winter was a good one for all of us. We managed to make some new friends at our shows and have made the semi-regular rotation at Casey's. It's a great venue for the few night crawlers in Cobourg to come out to and it's satisfying to play late to a crew that gets it. As a matter of fact why don't you join us this Friday?! Even though it isn't officially Spring yet we are lining up shows through to Summer. Looks like we might crack the Peterborough bubble in an unlikely fashion, but more on that when it's confirmed. We are already booked at the Cobourg Mill into the beautiful weather and some private parties are getting into the books as well so we are pleased to know there's some fun to be had down the road. New tunes are always appearing at rehearsal and we are trying to pull out at least one new one per show. Our first appearance at Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny in a few weeks warrants more than a couple of new tunes so that's keeping us on our toes. Originals are still on the burners and the shoe-making elves are busy behind the scenes working on them. Our day jobs keep getting in the way. We genuinely appreciate all your support, from near and far, and hope to see all of your beautiful faces at an upcoming show. You're never to old to hop on the dream train and we are testifying to that. Take care and see you down the road. DS