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Everyone Has Had A Dream, Ranging From Becoming A Doctor To The President Of The United States Of America. Shone Black Dream Is Simple, He Wants His Music To Be Heard, His Story To Be Told, To Become A Legend. So My Question Is, Are You Going To Be The One To Chrush His Dreams Or Are You Going To Help Him Achieve His Dreams???? If Your Going To Help Him Achieve His Dreams Listen, Post & Share His Music On Your Wall (reverbnation.com/shoneblack1) His Road To Stardom Begins With You!!!

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New Years Track!!!!

Start the new year off with a hot a new track Check out "Dope Boy Status" by Shone Black - http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/15661271

Soul Music!!!

If you like listening to music that comes from the heart check out Shone Black new song echo...

Texas Stand up!!!

If you like riding music Check out "Whipping Grain" by Shone Black -

Nephew and Uncle Connection!!!!

If you been in a relationship and you give it your all but you felt like the other person wasn't giving there's Check Out My New Song Called I Can't Go.

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My swag was on hush, Now my swag on loud. You can hate all you want, but you'll never turn me down. I'm on top of the world letting my love fall down. but it'll never hit the ground cuz you gone eat my sounds. gone speak my words, gone toss and turn, then shit out my words. if you didn't know, now you heard. that my flow is the shit and my pen is the piss. and yo mouth is the toilet, now that's some sick ass shit....Shone B(that boy a fool)lol

I need help!!!

I need some help. What two song's from my page (http://www.reverbnation.com/Shoneblack1 ) Should i send to On The Grind Management?


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