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Review from Erikk Strange

Taken from review of live show.

"Asylum XIII opened the night with their own brand of the classic goth sound, with a good blend of keyboard tones and guitar riffs into their own distinct sound. Daemon Lesombre continued his tradition of good showmanship, moving amongst the crowd and interacting with them. Asylum sadly had a short set list due to technical problems earlier in the night, but they put in the effort of a full night’s set."

Review from Dark room Magazine

"Areas targeted pathways also inseparable from the classic 'dark' way of "excommunication", live from the proposal in the Asylum XIII rookies, it's perfect somnambulism surreal sound (think of "Sleepwalk" of immeasurable Christian Death "Catastrophe Ballet" is immediate ...)" http://www.darkroom-magazine.it/ita/107/Recensione.php?r=1477