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New Corey Harris Cd-Father Sun,Mother Earth

The Brand New Corey Harris & The Rasta Blues Experience CD, Father Sun-Mother Earth will be released real soon.Look for it on Corey Harris Music Store on reverbnation.com, ITunes,Amazon and other online music outlets. CD features tracks,Father Sun-Mother Earth,Hiding Place,Grandma,Bam-Bam and Run Away. The is the first Corey Harris CD with his band,The Rasta Blues Experience, Produced by Chris" Peanut" Whitley and Corey Harris. Rasta Blues Experience- Corey Harris-Lead Vocal/Guitar Chris "Peanut" Whitley-Piano/Organ/back up vocals Gordon "Saxman" Jones-Sax Ken "Trini Joe" Joseph- Drums Jayson "Brother J" Morgan-Bass/Back Up Vocals Percussion on all tracks, Jahshua " Mighty Jahshua" Achalam Mixed By-Jeff Romano Mastered by- Ian Hartman Recorded at StableRoots Studios Drums&Bass recorded at Greenwood Studios The CD will take you on a musical Journey thru the many branches of music. Listen carefully for the root "Blues" , which being the backbone and heartbeat of every track as Corey Harris and the band display the vast variety and influence Blues has in his music. Bless.

My Music Life

Greetings again readers. I trust all is what should be. I have been working a lot behind the scenes lately, laying tracks for two new Corey Harris albums. One record is a soul / RnB record of original tunes, featuring a full band on most tracks. The second record is an acoustic blues album featuring mostly original material with a few covers as well. For those fans that wondered when I would put together another roots blues joint like back in the day, this is your answer. I have been enjoying the process of getting this new music out there for more ears to hear. I live for this music! I have been raising my little daughter on my own since early this year, so I have not been out there on the road like in years past. It has been great. Look for me next year when I will be releasing another record and hitting the road in support of the new tunes. Give thanks and praise... Selassie I

My Music Life

Yes people...back again to fill you in. Friday drove to Peanut's house and had a good rehearsal with the band. I dig playing with these brothers 'cause they all world class and respect the music. Had a five o'clock soundcheck so loaded up in the van and headed up to Harrisonburg. We got there and unloaded the gear and got it in the club. Had to get it all up the back stairs. One example of how it pays to stay in shape in this music game...we always luggin' something around. If you don't maintain your structure then you can easily pull a muscle or hurt yourself moving amplifiers, guitars, drums, etc. Once we got everything on stage we ordered some food and drank some good ginger beer. Didn't go on until 9:30 so we passed the time reasoning with some brothers in the hood and then made it back in time for a quick soundcheck and then started to play. Felt real nice to play with the band again...it has been awhile since we played together. We tried out some new material for the next Rasta Blues Experience album. "Hiding Place" is one of the new tracks that the people seemed to really dig. The song talks about refugees worldwide and how they ain't got nowhere to hide, whether it be Mexicans in Arizona or Romanian Gypsies in France. Immigrants and the undocumented are suffering no matter where you go. And those of us who just look the part (black or brown skin, locks, turbans) getting our knocks too.... Crowd was up and dancing for almost every tune. I played a couple solo tunes on the Gernandt acoustic I recently bought. Another new tune that's been getting attention is "Bam Bam (Paul Bogle)", a tune about the Morant Bay rebellion in Jamaica and how they don't give us any real history in school or the media. It's another song about freedom fighters and martyrs for African liberation. We played a little longer and the crowd didn't seem to mind. When it was all over Peanut, Gordon and I went to IHOP and had some late night food before going home. Yesterday I got up, got an oil change for my car and then hit the road around noon for Asheville, NC to play a solo acoustic show at the Grey Eagle that evening. Got there about an hour early, so got set up and did soundcheck and then went into town to walk around for a few minutes. Lots of people in town for the labor day weekend events. Made it back to the place and warmed up in the back room until time to play. About 85 people showed up and it was good to play, just I and the guitar. You know that a piece of music is good when it doesn't need a full band to work. Played some old blues, original tunes in a roots and culture vibe, songs from the new record, and some versions of traditional mandingue (Mali, Guinea, etc) songs like "Sundiata" and "Djandjun". Really got lost in the zone and played an hour and a half before I realized that it was time to quit. It felt like five minutes...time flies when you having fun, yunno? Finished with some old Son House and Charlie Patton cuts. When I hit the last note, the people shot out their seats and started clapping. It was well worth the five hour drive through the mountains! After the gig drove to Johnson City, TN where I slept. Woke up this morning and drove the rest of the way back home. It was a good weekend. Giving thanks for people who support live music...it makes a difference in I life to be able to share the music with others. Until next time, guidance and protection. Bless!

Corey Harris - My Music Life

Greetings people. Been laying low lately, taking care of family and letting the music lead the way. Yesterday spent some time working with Fidel (Amharic alphabet), getting my skills in order so that the next time I forward to Ethiopia I will be on point. Working on some new material...blues, roots, African vibes. Got a new guitar from Bob Gernandt in NC that I been really digging. Check him out on the internet at www.gernandt.com.


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