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When Old School Gets Oldish

Hanging with one of the original Morgantown punk girls, Sharon Wolfe, we wrote a country waltz - Before I Forget. I chuckle at how two old rockers like ourselves have mellowed enough to write one of the most beautiful songs I've recorded.

Set List from 11/29/2011 @ 123 Pleasant Street

Soulmate West Virginia's Burning Walk it Off Pharisee The Last Thing I Need West By Boogie

song contest

I posted "Your Very Own Song"

If you write words and want to sing on it, it's yours. First one to complete a song wins!

It's currently the last song in the list.

All the Bands I've Been In!

Green Lion: Alchemically inspired. I produced the material. Marnie Christa played fiddle. My brother was the lead guitarist. All of us wrote songs. The Flying Listravians: influenced by Link Wray. I played bass. Far more popular in Europe . . . Much love to J Vicente Escalofrio, The Monongah Maniac, and Smokestack Lee. Sugarcamp: my main outlet for seven years. Many lineups. Many gigs. Many tunes. If you saw Sugarcamp, you know: we were dangerous and original! Much love to everyone that made these years so special. Too Much Lip: a rocking foursome with Nate, Dan Yell and DK1 - a veritable supergroup of local punk kids. I played bass. Bluetick Militia: So much talent in this lineup, but very short lived. The Flaming Juggernaut: experimental high school band, before I played any instruments. Post-punk fingerwag. Included the bulldog of the investigative journalism world: Ken Ward Jr, along with Greg Whitmore and David Carriger. Frack: Another extremely talented lineup (Jarrod Ott, Nate, and Angry Kev Post). Unfortunately, we lost our drummer and haven't played since. There is more (Barn Spiders, Jim and the Jerks, and so forth), but the late nights and loud amps tend to wipe some of it away... and I need to leave room for FUTURE bands, lol.

On covers

Lately, I've had to make some firm decisions about what covers to keep. I don't play a lot of covers, but it's fair to say that Sugarcamp rocked "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line" by Waylon Jennings and that done well (with a twist hopefully), a cover can really kick butt. I'm looking for that same thing right now in exploring what to keep...

Like, I do "River Deep Mountain High," which my kids love (they saw it on Glee), but that's Tina Turner and I don't do it as well as she does by a long shot. Laura says she will sing it on stage though, so I will continue to do it, in hopes that a female with a kick ass voice will make it shine.

On the other hand, I do a great version of "Over You" by T. Bone Burnette and it's a keeper. One song I've dug up recently, because the lyrics fit me so well, is "Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)" by Cockney Rebel. Also, Marnie has me learning "Tennesee Flat Top Box," which has been done by Emmy Lou, and of course, Johnny Cash.

I am amazed at how sometimes a song you like can be a prophecy to how your own life / relationship / etc. will turn out!

I would personally like to cover every T. Rex song, but his lyrics always sound odd come out of a six foot tall man with a deep voice (Marc was a bopping little elf...)

What do you think about covers and how do you choose them? Drop me a line and let me know!


I put up a DRAFT tune "Stranger," which was written by my good friend, the great mountain poet, Joe Gatski. Lee suggested doing this song as an homage to Joe and while Joe's version is plaintive and sad, I took a lighter approach.

I helped Joe edit two of his poetry books, which really just means I typeset them, because he really didn't need any editing. When he died, I really felt that West Virginia lost part of it's soul, but at least we can read his poems and, in my case, cover one of his songs.

In unrelated news: Frack has filled its bass slot.

Live Appearances

I have a few casual live shows coming up. Most likely, these will be acoustic sets, featuring some of the music you hear here, plus a cover or two. Lately, I've been rocking out on "River Deep Mountain High" and I also do "Over You" by T. Bone Burnette, but no doubt I will also be performing Sugarcamp classics like "Pharisee" as well as little-heard originals like "The Last Thing That I Need" "Desperate Man" and "Once Great Nation" so come say hello and enjoy a side of me you've probably never heard before!

Revenge of the Shaved Cat

Hi Folks! I'm finishing up some long term projects and kicking off a summer of fun! Coming soon: Greg's solo album: Revenge of the Shaved Cat (the stuff you hear on this site) Compilation of Sugarcamp: Slather (A best of CD featuring seven years of material) Compilation of oddities: The Monongah Mine Disaster (cuts from my time with everyone from the Flying Listravians to The Barn Spiders and more) There is also the very distinct possibility that Frack goes to Zone 8 this summer... I'm not a visual artist, so I need cover art for the planned CDs. Drop me a line if you can help! Thanks, Greg

Don't Come Back

New song posted: Don't Come Back. Written, produced, and played by Greg Leatherman. First new song in months, but several more on the way. I am also currently writing songs and playing bass for Frack!

New tunes: Last of the Fruit Jar Guzzlers

A country tune I wrote in honor of the old WV moonshiners. Home recording.