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Acoustic Series of Live Performances

Did a set at the Blue Moose tonight. I will probably play open mic there for a few weeks in a row, so I can debut some new material. They get a huge crowd these days for a coffee shop open mic, so check it our or come play some of your own songs! Be forewarned, the sign-up list is usually full by 8 PM.

Set List December 7, 2010

Samantha Pharisee Logan County Woman in White Last Thing West By Boogie This was a warm up gig, mostly to introduce the tunes to my new bass player. Same scene will be repeated Dec. 14, with about twice as many songs. 123 Pleasant Street. Gearing up for Rock n Roll BBQ on January 18th!

Acoustic tunes

I'm gonna add some stripped down acoustic versions of tunes, beginning with The West By Boogie. As usual, stay tuned for plenty more to come!

New bands old bands

Sugarcamp is finishing up the album "1985" and then disappearing again. Thanks to JstarJ and Gypsee for getting it done! Sounds great. You can hear some of it on the Sugarcamp page (not here). My solo stuff is exploding as well. I have been recording a song or two a week - with many more to come. Meanwhile, I am excited about a new project called The Migrant Workers - featuring some of the most creative and interesting folks I know! The other guitar player was formerly in the alt noise legends Who Killed Teacher and they also have a mandolin player and multiple vocalists... I'll let you know when you can come see us!

Sorting Things into Bins

I'll transition this page over to just solo material in the future. Be sure and visit the Sugarcamp page on Reverb Nation for more!