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Save Our River

Proud to compete in the Save Our River Song Contest: see a video of my entry here: http://youtu.be/Odjyw8B7rOM. The St. Lucie River is polluted each summer by poisonous runoff from Lake Okeechobee. The discharges must stop!

Album release

My album "Revenge of the Shaved Cat" is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon, Spotify, I-Tunes, Last.fm, and most other online music retail sites.

B Merry!

Tomorrow night I make my first live appearance in the state of Florida. I'll be at the B Merry Gastro Pub on Denver Street in Stuart, across from the courthouse. The event starts at 8:30. I'll go on early!

I have plenty of material ready, but given that no one here knows me, I will probably only get to play about three songs this first time out!

The B Merry is a very cool little pub with an eclectic food and drink selection. I checked it out a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed their craft beers. Stop in and say hi if you see this and live in the Treasure Coast Region!

Great News

I am now the managing editor of an international glossy magazine covering environmental issues!


It's official: after a lot of planning, praying, and dreaming, I've relocated to the beautiful Treasure Coast of Florida. I gave up a lot of my gear to get here, because I packed everything I brought into a tiny Dodge. Now, I have a clean slate and some new challenges. It feels great! I finally caught Katie (after chasing her for two decades) . . . and I have a new life, but like anyone in this spot, I can't tell you much about how it turns out. Where will I work? Will I be in a new band? Will I rebuild my studio? I have no idea, but whatever I do, I am sure I will write songs about it . . . and share them with YOU.

kloudworks  (over 4 years ago)

Good luck anyways. Sorry for the given up gear. Well, I should do the same. Less is more. Finally I realised the Green Lion reference! Cheers ~ kappi

Judith M. Snow
Judith M. Snow  (over 4 years ago)

it is a blessing to move when the lord calls...i wish you nothing but the best!!!

More Treats

Because I am moving, it might be a while until I record something new, so I uploaded three of my favorite songs to come out of my old bands: "Diamond Street," "Sun Dog," and a cover of Daniel Johnston's "Worried Shoes." Hope you like them!

Goodbyes and Hellos

First, I just want to thank West Virginia for a great time these past 10 years of playing music. If people really knew what a good time we have up in these hills, I'm sure they'd overwhelm the countryside with newcomers! However, I am in love with my long lost . . . and so I'm moving to Florida's Treasure Coast over Labor Day weekend. There will be a going away party at 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown on August 29! After that, I'll be starting a new life, in a new place, making new friends, and hopefully, new music as well! Stay tuned . . .

Set List: April 6th Chico Extravaganza

Once Great Nation, Pharisee, Desperate, West by Boogie, Whisky, West Virgina's Burning, Last Thing, Forever Mine, Highwall Blues (cover)

Many thanks to Jonestown, DK1, and Tom Bachelor Band. Also, Christopher, who kicked things of with his Irish tenor, and the sound-man: Roger!!!

More Downloads Available

This page now offers many more downloadable MP3s, as opposed to the "streaming only" option. They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and it's true in this case, since I get a request per week asking for more downloads! Enjoy! Also, I created a Facebook page that includes the Reverbnation player, so that some of you can listen without leaving your favorite social networking destination.

Two new gigs

I accepted a gig at P-street for April 6. This will be a special night. Other bands include Love Me Knots, Tom Bachelor and Almost Helen, but there could be two or three more . . . Also confirmed April 8th gig at the Second Sunday house in Sabraton. Most likely Third Round Knockout and High Fives and Hell Yeahs will also appear that night. I'll be in Florida later in April, but it's not a public show - I'm just serenading Kate and our little dog Ben on a rented guitar!