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New Shows, New Merch, New Songs, oh my!!!

The Jupiter Tide has finalized our design for our first T-shirt and will have those available at our next show which will be at The Money in Rockhill, SC. Speakings of new merch, keep a close eye on the web site over the next month as we are planning on adding several new pieces of merchandise to the "Store" page when we finish designing those. We hope that you guys have been enjoying the 2 tracks that we released a few weeks ago, Leverage and Apathy, and are looking forward to a couple more. The other 2 tracks on our 4 track demo, This Is Us and Surface Tension, are in the final stages of mixing right now and are scheduled to be released sometime in the next 2 weeks. Hope to see you guys out at a show sometime, and until then, keep it rocking!!!!