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Here it comes again!

The Warped Tour Battle of the Bands is back in 2012 and we're entered. We need you guys to go to http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/SkyCameBurning and vote for us! You can vote once per day per band so keep going back. We've also posted a new song along with Patent Pending so go check it out!!


WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! For a chance to play the whole 2012 Rockstar UPROAR Tour!! All we need is for you to Like the Rockstar UPROAR Facebook page And post "SKY CAME BURNING for UPROAR 2012" It would really mean a lot to us!!! Let's ride this fucker till the wheels fall off!!!!!

Vans Warped Tour Battle of the Bands 15

HI GUYS! We're are registered for this years Battle of the Bands! The winners win slots at warped tour this year and a ton of other cool ass prizes that we could definately use and need. All we're asking of you, our lovely and loyal fans, is to go to


register as a fan, vote for us, and then become a fan!! You can vote once per day per band so keep going back to it as well.

As usual if you have any questions and need help with anything, send us a message on here or email us at skycameburning@gmail.com

Fans 4 Bands First Show

Fans 4 Band presents

Sirens & Sailors, Call Me the Patriot, Far From Abandoned, Sky Came Burning

This show supports Fans 4 Bands websites (www.fans4bands.org) which launched last year. All proceeds from the show support their touring program.

Come out and support!

Get all the details on the show here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=180602341976283


Thank you so much to everybody that came out last night!! Not just for the people for us, but for everyone that supports local music!!! We really appreciate it =] Thank you to all the bands that threw down with conviction!!


BIG thank you to BSM and RAMS HEAD LIVE

Here's to many more!!! Cheers! SKY CAME BURNING

Our Next Show - Shredfest

Come see Shredfest 2011 Feb 25 at Rams Head Live! Sky Came Burning teams up with The 10th Hour, Epic Harvest, Embers for Ashes, Chopper Trike Rebels, and Anoxia Sky for the first true metal fest of 2011! All Ages, Tix are $11. Hit up any of us for tickets! Event details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=174405209268556


I just had a thought... Making music is an amazing craft. Yea all the hard work and money that you put into it can be discouraging at times, but there is no better feeling (besides sex) like the end result. We FINALLY got the order in for The Opposition and I cannot WAIT for it to get here. We've had some trouble along the way but we persevered through it all and I feel great. It's due to be released Jan 15th 2011 @ our cd release show @ recher theatre in Towson Maryland. It's gonna be a hell of a show and we're super excited to be playing with our good friends Crimson Orchid again. Anyways, we just want to say thank you to everyone thats continued to support us through all of this. You guys keep us rolling through the rough patches. We hope to see yall plenty more throughout the new year and @ our cd release show. 2011 is the year people!

The Opposition

It's finally done people! Our new EP The Opposition has been recorded and we will probably have it in our hands next week. The cd release party will be held at Recher Theatre in Towson/Baltimore, MD. If you guys can make it out that would be sick! The first 10 people to make it to our merch table get the cd for free. We'll be playing with our good friends Crimson Orchid, Forgive the Fallen, Eyes of Autumn, and Embers for Ashes. This is gonna be a sick show and we can't wait for yall to hear this cd. We're so proud of it and we've put a whole mess of hard work and money into it. I think its paid off. If you guys liked our last demo, then your going to LOVE this EP!


Rams Head Live was yet another great experience and we killed it once again! Thanks to everyone that came out to show support. We got a few things coming up to look forward too. First is our first show at recher theatre september 23rd as well as our first park rock fest with our good friends crimson orchid. Then it's recording time with the well known Drew Mazurek. He's worked with a host of bands and artist, including dying fetus, common, and linkin park. He's the one that recorded our first demo which we were very pleased with. We can't to hit the studio, focusing on quality instead of money this time around. It's gonna be sick!

Let's do it

Here it is, our second chance to play at rams head live and this time we're bringing the noise. Our drummer has made sure his bass drum wont be walking away from him, our new bassist has more than a few shows under his belt with us now, and we are just all around a better band. Rams Head Live isn't going to know what hit them this time around. Not to say that last time wasnt bad ass... but this time will easily be 100 times better =)