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Inspiration Day

Sometimes it seems the music might not have your back, and you just hang your hat up in despair. So, Today in your mind you say "This is not the day" and you walk away. When things like this occur we can just call it an "Inspiration Day". Inspiration Day is the day that we all take off from music and go see what the world has to offer. Listen to other artist and their GREAT talent! Maybe take so time and read a book or go see a movie. Even at the prices it is fun to do this, I mean come on 3D look nothing like this when I was a kid. Some of us didn't have it at all. I say all this just to say "Never be afraid to take a break" come back after Inspiration Day and the light will shine! We have all been there before enjoy life even though Music is your life!!

~Polyphonic Soul Static

Polyphonic Soul Static's Great New Song

A great new song has been added to Polyphonic Soul Statics page. The song is called "Island Cafe" and is free for download! So, stop on by and "like us" while you are downloading the new song. Please share with your friends and have them come by and "like us" too.... Enjoy

New Songs For you!

Please look soon for Polyphonic Soul Static's new song "Island Cafe" Which will be free for download. More updates to come!

Spirit Of Sound

The spirit of sound is the soul force which carries us. Look towards yourself and be not afraid of where you can go. Live for your dreams and reach for the sky. The only thing holding you back is you! With every breath that you take the formula for self worth is the light beyond you shadow. Create your destiny and you will see the change that spirit of music will bring you!!

Time Are Changing

This is the time to be be yourself stay yourself. Do not worry with those that can't do!! Be your own person love what you do and keep reaching for the stars!!!

PSSt....you heard this?