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Latest Review for Pretty Good Sketches

This review of Pretty Good Sketches just off of Amazon: Fiercely original and deeply musical, this album is much more than "pretty good sketches." It's amazing. Welts has a deep sensibility and his thoughtful lyrics have a way of getting under your skin so you keep thinking about them long after the album is over.

Another review for "All She Wants To Do"

Drummers kicking it on this. The guys sound like the ventures- an old 50's group. The vocalist on this sound had a good sounding voice. He had a smooth tone. The guitar had a riff that will be going through my head for sometime. I like all she wants to do is dance. A very upbeat tempo. A feel good type of song. Lead guitar is smoking hot.

Reviews for All She Wants To Do...

Here's a recent review for "All She Wants To Do"... LOVE the sound of drama that comes out of the music in this song. The compelling instrumentals are full and vibrant -nicely done -arranged well. this singer has a voice that is also deep, it has confidence and a style that is a strong presence. His voice carries well,has excellent range and is steady. The lyrics are fresh and genuine with words that are candid and deep" Here's another: "I loved the melodious and tuneful accompaniment of this song right away. There's something mesmerizing in it, that makes the body move and the hands to tap out the rhythm, which is quite interesting, because the accompaniment itself is quite plain and simple. Maybe it's the perfect combination with the stylish and exciting vocal performance, or the catchy lyrics that gives that little extra, but the original and creative touch will certainly bring the audience along. The easy listening, yet distinctive touches are giving an engaging shape to both the accompaniment and the vocal, but the most impressive part is the lead guitar solo. That alone puts the crown on this experience, and gives that genuine finish that makes the song come full circle."

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