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My Lady Antebellum Experience!

I was one of the first ones inside the room and made sure I got a front row center seat. (Can you blame me? lol) There were three stools in front of me, and the more we waited, the more I became nervous. I didn't know why! But I knew I had to make an impression. Security walks in to brief us on answering the most common FAQs. Charles is 6'5'', they met on Myspace and started playing together, and their name came from the Antebellum style houses they were around while having their first photo shoot. We were told no pictures and no autographs. Then, they said they were accepting gifts! Gifts...I have a gift! My CD that I recorded of my written songs with pictures inside and out of the CD case! YES, PERFECT! Drew and I already decided I should give it to them while I was taking pictures with them. (Will post when available). They come in and everyone cheers! There was small talk and they introduced themselves. Wow, I just realized I could reach out and touch Dave! *Heaven* Everyone started asking questions. I came around to asking one "I will be in Nashville in the next couple of weeks to record, and I was wondering what was the next step?" Charles said, "shows shows shows, you need shows under your belt." Hillary said, "That's how we got started, get on Myspace or a music network and get your songs out there." They were so nice, anyone could tell they really wanted to help me out! What a group! They were so selfless and funny! All I wanted to do is sit in that room and talk to them forever! haha! Dave brought his guitar because they were going to sing a song for all of us. Dave started up the lick and I noticed it was one of my fave songs, "Dancing Away With my Heart"! OMG I know every word in this song and they asked all of us to sing. When they started singing everyone joined. Hillary's solo part was coming up. This is when the music suddenly slows down and there is a pause, Hillary looked straight at me, smiled and said, " Take it away!!" *OMG* A solo part? For me? With them? Nuh uh, I'm dreaming, too late to think...here I go.......then I sang "I haven't seen you in ages.." and they started clapping! Lady Antebellum... clapping... for me? Woah, woah, woah...isn't it supposed to be backwards?! Then I noticed the whole room was clapping! NO, I gotta be dreaming for sure! But it wasn't a dream....Lady A was really smiling and complimenting me. And then finally everyone joined in for the rest of the song. This was the most exhilarating moment in my entire life. No, better than that...to the point I started shaking and wanted to cry with joy (but I held the tears in)! Singing and being liked by a famous country group? Unbelievable... After the song ended, the managers ushered us into lines to take a professional photograph with them. When it was my time to go, I shook their hands and gave Hillary a hug saying, "Thank you this meant the world to me!". I gave them my CD telling them I hope they could at least listen to one song. I snuck in my contact information on the back of the CD, just in case ;). They said thank you and they will listen to it! They photographer took the picture, I thanked them again, and walked out. The concert was amazing! Drew and I had amazing seats close to the front, opposite of the stage and we could see everything! It was one of the greatest nights of my life! And I will never, ever forget it!