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Snake Oil Sideshow Album Pre-release!

The new album has finally been released! If you're reading this, then you are a first-to-know, pre-release, invitation only fan. Thanks so much for following us! The album will go public soon!

Back at it!

The last time we posted to the blog, it was 2010, and we were beginning to recordan album. That album has been nearly finished for more than a year now! And this summer we are going to finish the process, put on the finishing touches, and believe it or not, three years later this album will still be INNOVATIVE!!! Life is good.


This Tuesday's rehearsal was a blast! We began recording and, as always, worked on another new original song. We've already got drum tracks for half an album in just one session, and everyone knows that getting a lovable recording of the drums is often half the battle. We plan to do some pre-order sales of this project on Kickstarter.com and we should have a few videos to go with the deal. I'm thinking folks who pre-order and donate to the artistic cause might even get invites to an invitation only video shoot and release party that we're brewing up. Blogs cain't say how stoked I am on this whole project right now. Just wait until you hear what Jaisson and Jeremey are layin' down...