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“New song will be coming out by january! The Eden Project, and it will be available on itunes, but if u coment on this page u will get it for free and b4 everone

Hey everyone *update*

We are currently working on some new stuff, that should be exciting when we put announce it, also planning a lot of cool stuff that should be worth the wait :)

oh yeah, pictures!! we're looking for some more fan pix xP check out our fan pictures for ideas, write it on your body, make a sign and take a picture with it, any picture is appreciated with our name on it lol :D.

Street team members! we need more help promoting in our area :D so if you'd like to help us out some how hit us up and we shall talk!

onnneee moree thinggg haha, vanessa, edwin and i have been trying to come up with a cool logo for shirts, so if any of yall have any shirt designs drawings anything at all, send it, send a link to it, so we can check it out :)

Thank you all for supporting local bands

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