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"Eternalkeys 2"

"Eternalkeys 2" is the secone chapter of the Soundtrack - instrumental music project By Mimmo D'Ippolito. the album is make by 9 Compositions with the Typical sound of the project, with sound effects as News! "Thy Last flower" is the first Extract: A Typical Neoclassical Melancholic Piano with a Rock final; the next Soundtrack "Ancient Doll" an intro and outro Dark ambient with an epic-Orchestral score with the typical Bells Sound that radiates tension; "Other Galaxy" is an Electronic Score with many sound effects that means futuristic sound; "Angel Soon" another Piano-pad Neoclassical Score so melancholic, with a theme Drama: premature death; "Ocean Relics" an intro Soundscapes Dark with an Orchestral Dark ride between truly Waters of sea, oceans, relics and storm of our life; "Forgotten Object" is an electronic-Trip hop-Chill Scores so mysterious sound; "Black Butterfly" is a Piano that radiates tension, a drama score good for a Film with a Thriller vein, with a final Synth and orchestral theme like 80's sounds; "December Snow" is a Modern classical Score, a theme dedicated to the magic in december, between a World of Fantasy and Reality; "Strange Flight" is an electronic score with some world music influences, talkabout an imaginary travel/Flight around the world: traditions, and many Mistery about religions, places and everything.

all the Soundtracks are Composed, arranged, Played, Produced by Mimmo D'Ippolito aka Eternalkeys

additional pc programming, mixing and mastering: Nicola Farina