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When I was a little, and I mean a LITTLE boy, I lay in my bed at night, and heard the sounds from downstairs of my dad's records. My dad was a young writer and journalist taken in completely by the blues artists who had come over to the UK in the late 50's and 60's. I heard Muddy and Brownie and Sonny and Lightnin and John Lee and Josh and Peggy Lee. A coupla years on I got to sit up a bit later and overheard the songs and thrumm of Leadbelly, master showman, whose persona is still so huge in my existentiality. And we, the Thomases, are a 120% white, and i mean english brood. North Yorks moors. Whiskey and tobacco. white bread and sardines. potatoes. bacon. newspapers. Fish n Chips Sex with your socks on sort of white english. Music smashes through the artyificiality of race n effnix pretentiousnesses and binds us with a golden ray of enlightenment. My own son Duncan, a much more able man and musician than I, once related to Robin Williamson, AN ICON OF THE VERY HIGHEST ORDER TO ME, that he had lain in bed as a child listening to me playing the Incredible String band albums, and feeling tantalised, fascinated, even scared. thatdid the same again for him, and music is as imporatant as food to us both, as it was to my own departed pop. dad never played an instrument, but he had an encylcopaedic knowledge of all genres of music. So does my kid bro, who plays brilliantly. What is this stuff, music, rattling our old knee bones, sustaining our heartbeats, driving and mediating our emotions, colouring love and lust, stronger than smell, universal, spiritual, spunky, amneotic music. A little later (but only a very litte -sayu 1960 I got totally hooked on the amazing Blind Willie Johnson, and that wuz that, those EP's, that skeening dark was the Night, that slide. . Bob and gordon and I thrashed out a racket on David Long's double clef guitar. we strapped cellotape tight over Peak Frean Biscuit tins for drums, and set off, at 7 years old to be musicians. Music, music , sweet sweet music. Goddess Naive and The Muddy Fork band, Drunk Mule and The Fly Kingdom, Diamond Dac and Together Alone. Grey Wolf and MamaKaz These are rich experiences for me, and I still ain't ready to die because of that. O, that and those Wiseguys.

The most interesting occurence on the way to my inbox

Well Lord Above Who Is This That I See Fanning Lil Ole Me? It Is No Other Than ThaGoddess Naive. I checked out her site and loved her funky spirit. Very definitely a real goddess, raining blessings on me, so I wrote a wee hymn to her glory, and now we are friends, her the Sacred, me more profane. I am a Lucky Lucky Man. Different in all regards except MusiC......may that be the real relijun! Meanwhile many collaborations developing online with Jerry, Richard, Martin and Duncan.......In time They Too Will Be Blessed By The One N Only Goddess Naive. .


well here we are, synchronising the old and the new. searching for the subtlety which will justify the effort. obsessed with the sitar...........trying to make it relevant. waiting for winter