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Summer is kinda over, but Reverse Order is appreciative for all they accomplished this summer:

Their first music video "These Summer Nights" was a success. Thank you to Mark, Ed, Zeus, Cindy and Shannon who believe in the band and made it happen. Thank you to the fans who came out to be in it.

The band went on its first tour. Prior to this summer John had only done a solo tour. The first part of the summer they traveled to many states performing mostly at amusement parks.

The second half of the summer was quite different. They were on the Extreme tour. They applied several times before but this year actually got chosen and weren't quite sure what to expect. They'd heard great things about the tour managers and tour. The unusual thing is that this is a Christian Rock tour and Reverse Order is not a Christian Rock band.

Well it turned out great. A lot of really good bands pulling into towns, putting on free concerts and there to talk to any teens that may be having struggles in life. The band was greatful for how they were treated so well by the different communities where they performed. The only thing putting a damper on the summer was the gas prices, pulling a trailer you don't get great mileage. But all in all it was fun! Each met great people whom they hope they get to see again. It also gave the band a chance to bond and know each other better.

Now they are back and school is starting. It is both an exciting time but also frustrating. I think I can safely say that all the members yearn for the day when they can perform full time and make a living doing what they love, playing music.

They juggle school, "real jobs" and the band. But John seems to have a lot more pressure. Being the songwriter he has the burden to write that hit, that one song that can ignite their career. Unfortunately many times that melody comes to him when he is in class or not in a place he can start writing. While he is on the Dean's list his heart is not in school. He struggles daily wondering if he should quit and follow his dream.

I know each of them appreciate all their friends, family and fans who support them. So if you are reading this, that means you and I know they Thank you.

A friend of the band