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Snippets From The BARD

RI is proud to announce the release of Snippets From the BARD, streaming on May 1, full release July 4th. #NoReallyThisTime #RICOMING

Long Time No See!

Hey everyone,

RI hasn't been out of business, but we did lay low last year to rebuild and hopefully improve. We have a new lineup and have already put many hours in studio, so we look forward to putting some good new tunes out around the beginning of July, 2012.

More coming soon, come party with us at a show, we're ready to go!

~John Todd

Reverb Nation Gets its Horns!

Hello people, we are Reasonably Insane out of Denver Co, and we're thrilled to be on Reverb Nation! Reasonably Insane just finished preproduction for our first CD release, a 14 song LP called "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt", coming summer of 2011. The event will be HUGE!! Keep posted because this is one show you will not want to miss out on! check us out at: http://www.ReasonablyInsane.com