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Alchem review of "Florilegium" on "Colossus Magazine" from Finland

Ten years of working from Italian goth-metal group Alchem has culminated to private release debut longplayer. Evidently their own vision has been crafted qui...te seriously, and in addition of carefully crafted musical feelings effort has been focused also to costumes and other relevant aspects of group outside the musical content. Ten tracks sung in English indicate very good composition capabilities, and I appreciated the vocal tone of the singer. For support of more conventional heavy music elements there are quite neat rhythm arrangements in the songs, possibly pleasing the ears of heavier prog listeners. As often in gothic rock music, there are some instruments and melodic solutions of western classical music implemented to the sound, this fusion not however sounding mimicking of groups like My Dying Bride or Nightwish. From the level of heaviness, I believe this group might reside in the middle of these two bands mentioned. The sounds in overall felt slightly thin, I’m unaware were this due my own musical preferences or studio recording solutions. However this observation did not alter the listening enjoyment, and actually some raw guitar tones brought pleasant associations from early 90’s heavy demos, which were not been raped by flatness of commercial production. Also there has been much imagination been used to the compositions, and bit over 50 minutes long record offered a vivid musical session for listening. By this album I find pleasure to follow the musical journey of the couple forming this group, which I believe will be possible through the group’s vast internet presence. Eetu Pellonpää / Colossus magazine #42

Alchem's Interview on ..Gothic World.. The Obscure Portal

http://gothicworld.altervista.org/gw/dark-webzine/interviste/musica/409-intervista-agli-alchem.html Italian Language

Commenti sul video "Whispering Clouds" (Facebook)

Annalisa ha una voce splendida e il sound va oltre la banale musica che gira di questi tempi. Grande innovazione ragazzi. La parte melodica finale è la ciliegina. By Iserthuus Claustrofobico, dark e pregno di pathos. Ottima realizzazione, sicuramente di portata internazionale. Well done guys! By Lou Cypher Un placer ALCHEM, como siempre vuestra musica tendra un espacio libre... estamos en contacto... By Bruxias Fanzine Great sound - well put together visuals!! excellent!!! love ♥ it!!!!! By Sherry Lynn Motorny It's brilliant, my friends! Great music and a great video!Congratulations!!! By Pasi Koivu Grandioso !! Bravi Davvero ragazzi.. è veramente di portata internazionale!!! :) By Mjksa P. Ceramiche Earthandcolors Complimenti!!! Bellissimo video! By Esse Bi Ragazzi devo farvi i complimenti, veramente fatto bene..... By Senzaessenza Rockband Il video é fichissimo, bel lavoro davvero. By Walter La Leggenda Fantauzzi This is so professional!! Really I loved... Congrats!! Alchem \m/ By Rob Mtz Mtz Visto e rivisto è davvero stupendo. By Sara Brigadoi WOW! This is amazing, congratulations guys. By Tina Becky Davis Bello e fantastici come sempre. By Giulia Niccolai Great job! All the best! By Mark Duda Amazing! By Anthony Drago Ero sicurissimo che avreste fatto uno spettacolo di video, adesso ne ho la conferma!!! COMPLIMENTI GRANDI!!!!! By Giuseppe Biondi Complimenti !!! Bello ...Video e brano !!! \m/ By Massimiliano Zampini Bellooo! complimenti :) By Valerio Gabrielli Che video ragazzi!!! Da paura!!! By Mirco Calvano Fantastic!!!! Congrats and much luck! Great job!! \m/ By Valeria Chatterly Rosenkreuz Bravi ragazzi! By Monia Pocekaj Complimenti per il bel video e la stupenda canzone. By Rambo Callaghan Che bello complimentiiiiiiiiiiiiiii è molto figo ♥ By Klaus Pearl Jam Complimenti!!! By Marco Web Specialist Complimenti amici Alchemizzati....bel pezzo suggestivo...particolare e ben curato il video...mistero ed intensità...trasmette nel suo incedere ricco di belle idee visive...bravi!!! By Rik Forsenna Complimenti Ragazzi...crea un' atmosfera spettacolare....canzone e video si sposano perfettamente...grandi...\m/ By Max Boi Fabio Agostini Un bel video ma soprattutto un gran bel brano con una splendida voce. Sinceramente non sento nessuna differenza tra di voi come band emergente e quelle più conosciute.Complimenti. By Fabio Agostini

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Mondo Metal Webzine New "Florilegium" Review


Mondo Metal Webzine Interview Lisa (italian language)


Alchem on Compilations

WebRadio Mammuth http://zannadelmammuth.blogspot.com/2011/12/wrama-x-mas-compilation-vol-1.html Mondo Metal Female Voices Part. 2 http://www.mondometalwebzine.com/Compilation/Free-Download.php XMASL'Angolo della Follia Vol. 6 http://www.mediafire.com/?4y5vpn250vtgfl5

Alchem sign with the label L.A. Riot Survivor Records

Download for free this compilation, Alchem share "Whispering Clouds" http://soundcloud.com/l-a-riot-survivor-rec/sets/l-a-riot-survivor-records#

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