Alchem Interview from Alessia Marani on Almax Magazine


Alchem Interview from Chiara "Dama" Daino on PostPopuli


Alchem Piero & Lisa Interview from Nora Wall Of Fame WebZine

Alchem Piero e Lisa Interview from Nora Wall of Fame WebZine \m/ http://walloffamerecensioni.wix.com/wall-of-fame#!interviste/cyes

Alchem on "Sympho-Goth Double Compilation" from Mondo Metal

Alchem on New compilation of Mondo Metal "Sympho-Goth Double Compilation" with "Time Goes On" free download here http://www.mondometalwebzine.com/compilation/free-download.php

Alchem on Air on SOUND SHOT (third episode)

Alchem on Air with "Whispering Clouds" This program is presented by Francesco from Suoni Distorti Magazine (Italy) to listen to the program check out this link http://www.spreaker.com/user/soundshot/sound_shot_puntata_3

Alchem on new Magazine of Undergroundzine N°4 Oct 2012

New review of "Florilegium" on multimedia magazine Undergroundzine N° 4 (page 14) ... check out this link : http://issuu.com/undergroundzinewebzine/docs/undergroundzine_n.4_ottobre__2012/15

Alchem on Underground Metal Alliance Compilation

with "Whispering Clouds" Alchem are in Underground Metal Alliance Compilation Vol.5 Dedicated to Alternative/Prog Music Free Download here: www.undergroundmetalalliance.com

Alchem on "Summer in Rock 2012" a new compilation from SUONI DISTORTI MAGAZINE

FREE DOWNLOAD ALCHEM - "WHISPERING CLOUDS" http://www.suonidistortimagazine.com/2012/07/summer-in-rock-2012-disponibile-in-free.html

Alchem on WebRadio Mammuth 1° anniversary free download compilation

Alchem "Desdemona" Webradio Mammuth 1st Anniversary Chapter 1 http://www.mediafire.com/?0ik0asn7dyk08do

Alchem Lisa interview on METAL SHOCK FINLAND by Sylvi