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Does God Talk Back?

What's up you Lothead's?? So today's topic is "Does God Talk Back?" Well before I give you some scriptures to read, reflect, and live by, I 1st want to speak from personal experience. So, a while back I was talking to an older man about God. We had our different (very different) point a views but one of the things he said that stood out was "How do you know God talks back to you? You can't hear him when you pray". I look back on that conversation and then an example comes to mind. When you write a letter to someone do you hear back from them? Yes, you do. Now you may not always hear back by "ear" per say but there is communication between you and that person you wrote the letter to. Sometimes you may not get a letter back but that message will get to you whether it's through another person, phone call, or how ever that message get's to you (personal experience). If your really seeking God, He will make Himself known. If God wants us to have a relationship with Him why wouldn't he talk to back? After all, Doesn't it take two to tango? (Let Him lead lol) Remember, God is too big not to make His presence know. When God talks back how will you listen? Remember Keep in the Word of God, It will help out more than you know! Keep it powy yall and God Bless through that mighty name of the only One who can save our soul's Jesus Christ. - Crealot

Scriptures to read: *Psalm 25:8, Psalm 32:8

p.s. Don't be afraid to read the whole chapters either :) Powy

New/Old songs

Yes I'm aware I still have my old music up that i haven't taken down...I'll get to it eventually. Powy


Not just Another Day

Although another day has come to greet you don't let it be like just any other. The reason we have new days is so that we'll do new things whether it be through working or part of our personal schedules. Doing new things expands the mind and gets us out of the "norm", because once your out of the "norm" you want fall into the trap of being bored or sleeping on yourself (think about it) lol.So I'm just encouraging us all to try something new, not be so close minded, and get out of our norm. Don't make today just another day.