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Witch Apprentice OST

I have composed original soundtracks for a visual novel game: Witch Apprentice. Go on check it at my discography.

The game has actually not yet been released, but the demo can be played through this site:


Writer's Block

I don't think anyone would disagree with the fact that having a writer's block could be very challenging and yet, at the same time, irritating as well.

In the current composition in which I'm encountering such situation, I can say to myself that I'm pretty sure that I hear the next melody which should accompany the preceding ones. But as I hit the notes, I find them inappropriate to be applied there, leading to the writer's block episode.

The solution? I would go and listen to different music, hoping to refresh my mind and get some new ideas.


I wouldn't even imagine what happen if MIDI technology has not been invented. I would probably write my music still with pencil, eraser, and stuff. With MIDI, an instant writing becomes possible.