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the new year will bring you

sleaze in a whole new way.

looks like we will be having a monthly residency @ tula's jazz club. the second friday of every month. starting on january 14th. be there. you should be. no better yet...you will be. :)

we'll also have merch comin your way!

xo creem city

it's all happening

the new songs are up. if you haven't already listened. take note. and tune in.


ooo. all but rhythm

So! We have four new songs in the works - being recorded or you. With Steve E. Nix of the Cute Lepers!

We have Bitch of Rock n Roll, U-Turn, Smells Like a Saturday, and It's Nice to Meet You Again....all waiting to grace your ears.

We are excited to get them to ya!

xo Creem City

it's about time

A full lineup. And a drummer we mesh with. And new photos! AND MERCH! Goodness what it next?! Tour hopefully and some all ages shows. Let's see what we can do!

xo Creem City