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New Album

We are currently working on the follow up to "Passion Before Function".


'Passion Before Function' Out 9/25!!!

It's been over a year in the making, so we are extremely pleased to finally announce the release of our debut album!

Entitled Passion Before Function, the disc was recorded at Headgear Studios in Brooklyn, NY with producer Bill Racine (Rogue Wave, Mates of State, Phantom Planet), and features ten tracks that run from guitar-drenched rock assaults to sweeping, string-driven ballads.

The album will initially be released in Japan by Fabtone Records on July 18th. The Japanese version will feature a bonus track unavailable on the US release, a studio recording of the band's much-loved take on New Order's "True Faith."

The US release will follow on September 25th, via Edge Delay Records. The band recently completed the video for the album's first single "All Together Now," which will premiere online in early July. The track is already available for download on iTunes, in addition to streaming on our MySpace page.

The upcoming second single, "Not Enough," is also currently streaming on our page.

The full track listing for Passion Before Function is:

1. All Together Now 2. Twin Six 3. Not Enough 4. Down Street 5. C'mon 6. Battle Lines 7. The Way of the World 8. Next in Line 9. Common Ground 10. When I'm Gone

"C'mon" and "The Way of the World," both of which also featured on The GoStation's first EP, Quiet Zone, were completely re-recorded for this release, with the first featuring an entirely new guest choir during its rousing finale. A string quartet and a horn section are also among the myriad surprises the new album holds in store.

The Japanese release of the disc is currently available for pre-order at online outlets, including amazon.com.

Pre-orders for the US version will be available through the band's own website and MySpace page later this month.

The Drew Goren Memorial Fund

Last month, the GoStation lost a good friend. Drew Goren, a very gifted and talented photographer, passed away after losing a long battle against cancer. We did some of our favorite photo shoots ever with Drew, and have been proud to call him a friend for a number of years. We'll miss him greatly, but no one will miss him more than his family. Drew left behind a five-year-old daughter, Nina, and she and her mom need all the support they can get in this difficult time. A memorial fund has been set up in Drew's name, and we'd like to ask anyone who can possibly help to donate to it. If you've ever lost someone close to you, or struggled with illness yourself, you know how devastating it is. We're planning on setting up a benefit show in the next few months to raise money for this cause, but in the meantime, if you can spare anything at all, please do. If everyone on our friends list gives even a few dollars, we can raise thousands to help support a very special little girl, and to honor the memory of an equally special man. For more information and a secure donation link, visit Drew's memorial website. (Be sure to specify that your donation is for the "Drew Goren Memorial Fund" on the donation form.) You can also check out some of the fantastic work he did at his own photo site. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for anything you can do to help.

Album Sessions, Part Deux

On December 9, The GoStation is returning to the studio to finish tracking for our debut album, tentatively titled Passion Before Function. We'll be back at Headgear Studios in Williamsburg with Bill Racine, laying down the final five songs for the record. These are set to include brand new versions of "Wandering Away" and "C'mon," along with new songs "Down Street" and "Common Ground," plus "Next In Line" (originally planned for the last sessions, but this time for real). Look for updates and previews of the new tracks in the coming weeks, and get ready for the album release in 2007!

NY Press / Tenacious D Rock Off!

The GoStation have been selected from over 1,000 entries as finalists in the New York Press/New Line Cinema Rock Off! The event takes place on Monday, Nov. 13 at Avalon in NYC (47 W. 20th St), celebrating the release of the New York Press music issue and the new Tenacious D movie. Admission is FREE, and there will also be free drinks and a free raffle! (Win a guitar signed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass and tickets to the Tenacious D show at MSG!) Check out the flier: http://www.thegostation.com/rockoff.jpg Arrive early for guaranteed admission (21+). Doors are at 6pm. Full lineup: 7:00pm DayGlow; 7:50pm The GoStation; 8:40pm Hepburn; 9:30pm Locksley; 10:30pm The Picture The D themselves are rumored to be making an appearance too, so keep your fingers crossed!

Stranded In Stereo

The GoStation is set to feature on Volume 4 of the excellent Stranded in Stereo compilation, and you can get a copy for yourself completely free! Past volumes have included tracks from The Subways, The Sounds, The Duke Spirit, My Morning Jacket, Gomez, Mew, and lots of others, and there's going to be more great stuff on this one. Our current single, "All Together Now" will be on the disc (which also comes with a free DVD of music videos!), and all you have to do to get it is visit the Stranded in Stereo site and enter your address. CDs will be shipped out later this month. Visit www.strandedinstereo.com to get yours.