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Hey everyone ~ I am making my song "The death of Mr. Me" available as a FREE DOWNLOAD for anyone who signs up for my mailing list or anyone who signs my guestlist on www.larrynewsom.com! Thanks and God bless! ~ Larry Newsom Download instructions : After you've signed the guestbook, joined mailing list, etc... just go to the music player at the bottom of the screen and find "the death of Mr. Me" and you'll see the download button right next to the song title. This can be done from any page on larrynewsom.com! Thanks! ~ LN by Larry (Mar 18, 2010) PS ~

Larry Newsom Album "Change the World"

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog... Just want to say thanks to all who have bought my newest album "Change the World". There will also be info on my Facebook, myspace, and reverbnation pages to buy the album! Thanks again! PS - Don't forget to sign up as a fan today! www.larrynewsom.com www.myspace.com/ldnewsom recrding artist Larry Newsom on Facebook