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Q&A with Nov 27 HS: Aight man, first things first, eveyone wants to know how you came up with the name Nov. 27th. N27: I was sitting on the steps of my home in Little Rock 2002 one evening and my birthday poped up in my head like "Nov 27"! I was like that's catchy and original. It stuck with me. When Interviewed by Jeff Chang in Las Vegas Aug 2008 and he told me that I share the same birthday as Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Twista, Jaleel White (urkel), Raz-B (B2k). From that point I knew that Nov 27 was not just my name but my repitoir on life. HS: Okay cool, now describe your music to us in three words. N27:Elevative, Amplifying, informative HS: Why those three? N27: Elevative because I aim to open the mind frame of listeners to a higher state of thinking with lyrical connotations on life. Amplifying because when the listerners hear the hooks, it sends a rush of euphoria through the soul. Informative because I want the music I put to be played decades from the time released. With that in key I strive to make music that informs the people of the struggles and the solutions. HS: How would you describe the music scene, in general, in Austin,TX? N27: The music scene is becoming scrambled with music of all types. To decipher the message you want to hear is the real challenge. For every ear, there is a variety. The Music scene in Austin is wide open and can only be recognized if artists, fans, sponsors, all aim for sucess for all genres of music in the ATX. Music should start from the soul, filtered by the heart, and edited by the brain. HS: Do you think Hip Hop artists in Texas almost have a weight on their shoulders, like we have to prove ourselves everytime? N27:No, Originiality is self proven. Walking into the industry with a chip on your shoulders does not get you far. Remaining humble and making good music will gain you mass respect throughout the industry. HS: Alright, last question. Where do you see yourself in ten years, and why should we pay attention? N27: I see my self CEO of my own Dist. Comp, On a Boards & Commission Panel for music. On Tour, In the Hip-Hop international Hall of Rhyme. That's whats up. Aight Ha-Styliens amke sure to check out my man's myspace at http://www.myspace.com/nove27 Posted by Ha-Style at 9:19 PM Labels: Austin, Nov. 27th

The Business of Music

As an music artist who composes hip hop, I often ponder what mistakes are made when conducting business of music on my behalf. It seems without proper reprensentation (upper echelon) a noble music artist will not get the due allocation granted. As a result of the connotation,this presents a labor for free arrangement in which the artist receives no pay for the work or service performed. There is no arguing that an artist needs exposure to be exposed but revenue for the work perspired does not lag far from the work horse. I speak as an artist who performs with every molecule of the mind, body, and soul, to saturated the audience with inspiring music. Repirations may be subdued. Nov 27 3-29-10