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Touring Time!

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to give you an update on how everything is going! There is a ton going on in TBM's world, and we want you to know everything.

On February 3rd, we will be playing our last home show before we start touring northeast. Check our app, website, facebook, myspace, or whatever you prefer for dates and locations.

The important thing about this show in Salina, is we want to show you all something new that we threw together for it just at our last few practices. Should be really cool! SO BE THERE!

So in the meantime, take it easy, and go to our site and look at what's new!


3 Breakpoint


Alright everyone!

You got us through the live portion of the competition... now we need you to VOTE for us to win in round 2! Its easy...

log on to www.projectindependent.net and vote for us daily! up to 5 votes per IP address daily as far as we understand.

So we need you all, with all the GOD DAMN support you can send us, and make us win this thing!

*Note* the site has not been constructed for fan voting just yet.... voting will begin on December 1st!


Welcome to The Breakpoint Method's first ever official mobile App!!! We are very excited to have you guys on here, and will be keeping you updated with new blog posts, tour dates, photos, and more as time progresses!

Getting Prepared!

Hey, guys! Barrett here--

Just wanted to let you guys know that we have a ton of stuff planned for this summer-- we're branching out to states we've never played in, we're working on new material, and we're doing a million amazing push-ups every day-- so we can be amazing, of course!

Stay in touch guys, and if you havent had a chance to check out the CD, go to iTunes or CDbaby.com and check it out!