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What's new

We hope everyone enjoyed their Summer, now onto some cooler weather. We are making some changes to the lineup here at ASA, and are moving ahead to some great opportunies. We are currently expanding our entire merch store, we will post photos of the new gear when we get it! We will be recording our "official" EP in the near future, the studio will also be announced soon. We look forward to seeing you all at the next show! Thanks for supporting ASA- it means ALOT to us!!

Our next project

We are booking time to record "Dead Man's Hand" in the next few weeks. We will announce the studio in the near future. We have a surprising amount of interest in the licensing of that song, so we'll be publishing and releasing the single following the mastering. Thanks to all of our friends that have seen us through to this point, we look forward meeting new embers and scattering the ashes all over the world!!

Bands working together

When any event involving multiple acts takes place a thousand things can go very wrong. It is important for bands to actively communicate with the promoter to know the schedule- it is important for the promoter to be available. On the night of show- allow extra time traveling for a flat tire, etc.. When you get to where you are playing have your equipment ready to be loaded on stage( check your equipment-please), this not only keeps things moving- it is a sign of RESPECT to the other bands. While we all have things to do the next day- STAY and support the other bands if you can, meet the crowd-this is a great way to build a fan base!! Always take a moment on stage also to thank the staff, promoter, sound guy,and the other bands. There is a bright young generation of talent out there and if it works well together it cannot help but to be successful!! Ashe On!!

What happened to Radio?

I can remember when radio stations would encourage requests and callin ins. With stations running on auto-pilot is this over? When you call your bank, phone company, utility, etc. you get automated prompts or a person that cannot speak the English language with any type of clarity. It's no wonder that social media is on the rise to such a degree. I for one would just like to be able to call in a request and speak with a DJ again. Timmay

What the music scene needs now

In the Central Florida area ther are a few main-stream radio stations that help original musicians obtain exposure, but only a few. The stations locally largely ignore locals, and do not do much to help grow the scene. The only way that this will change is if listeners "ASK" for more airtime for locals. Call the station, send an email, post on their facebook page, etc. It's always been through fan support that any band succeeds.

Bike Week

Being in a Florida based band, we all as musicians want to play to a crowd- make new friends, and maybe make some money. We have an environment, and economy geared round special events and tourism, Bike week, Spring Break, Biketoberfest, etc. This is prime time for local bands- get out there and enjoy it! You never know who is in the crowd....

It's All about the music-

This business is not for people with thin skin. Personal sacrifices are constant, and never-ending, but we'd have it no other way...The music cuts through all of the distractions and no matter to 4 or 4,000 people- I am happy to say that I am never left feeling disappointed. We have met some incredible people since forming ASA, and the best is yet to come. Thank you all! Timmay

How the local scene can improve

I hear all the time how the local scene "sucks". The bands want the venue to promote, the venue wants the bands to bring a crowd, bands bicker amongst themselves and sabotage other bands, etc.. It truly seems to me the bands that have made headway did not fall into this trap of negativity. They reached out and worked with venues to build an audience, networked with other bands that shared the same vision, and expanded outside the local scene. So next time someone speaks badly of the local scene- ask them what they have done to improve it, or how it can be better.

Our chance to play at the Hard Rock Orlando

We are entered in a contest to play at the Hard Rock in Orlando. Go to this link if you are within 100 miles of Orlando and vote for ASA https://www.facebook.com/hardrockorlando?sk=app_205164529573076&app_data=eyJhcnRpc3RfaWQiOiI2OTAwNDIifQ%3D%3D

How the local scene is improving here

We at ASA have recently had great groups of musicians sharing bills with us. Not just real talent, but real support- from bookings, to promotion, to helping each other with load ins, to staying and watching each other perform. A local bar - The Main Street Station has been showcasing original bands on Saturday nights- 18 and up-FREE SHOWS TO THE FANS-while paying something to the bands and encouraging merch sales. James Cripps from Rock Gator Radio has been sponsoring and arranging CD distribution digitally, and providing compilation disks for the bands-Again- the scene supporting each other with a real commitment- a long term commitment. Anthony Sica had been giving the local scene great exposure through Music Entertainment Magazine- spotlighting local talent and providing great articles. Florida has alot of talent, and when it works together for a long enough period of time it will succeed.