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Looking Forward.....2011


Well it has been a whirlwind of a year already, and thats the way we like it. Onwards and Upwards. In addition to our persistent touring of bars and music venues, we have already signed on to a bunch of small to mid-range fests around the midwest for summer 2011, taking us from Michigan to Tennessee. We have a new album coming out featuring a bunch of New Material. And we have been honing our style to be as weird and energetic as it possibly can be!

We have been building our family, one city at a time, and we are really starting to enjoy well-attended, high-energy shows. Thats the word of the year for us, isn't it. Energy.

We are loving that we keep getting booked later and later on in the night, and are loving the transition from day-time passive audience shows into late night lasers and raging. For that has always been our goal....Dynamic and High-Energy Bluegrass without a drummer....To create a truly organic jam experience, without instrument-effects... No premeditated solos that come out the same way every show...Free-form jamming that takes off like a comet and smashes back into the earth in a field in southern Indiana Bluegrass ...You payed good money to see a live band, and it is our promise to you that we will never slop the "same ol' stuff" on your plate. We rarely use set-lists, and we can promise Your City won't get the same exact show Last City did. Dynamic, Moving, Cavalier pickin'.

So please, if you've never heard of us, come out to a show! Its the only way. We are a live band, and unless you hear it live, how can we possible communicate our energy to you?

This is all I can think to say. Won't you join us? haha. Onwards and Upwards, the New Old Cavalry