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The Baby Donkey Rules!

Much like the donkey was hand selected by Jesus to carry Him into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday we who confess to follow Him are called to carry His message to the world!

Matthew 21:6-7 The disciples went and did as Jesus had instructed them. They brought the donkey and the colt and placed their cloaks on them for Jesus to sit on.

Are you a Simon a Cyrenian?

I have heard it said that God doesn't need our help. While some may wonder if this statement is true or not one thing I am sure of is that He wants it. If you ever want to see proof of this look at a man they called Simon a Cyrenian. If you don't know who he is he would be the man who carried the cross for Jesus on His way to Calvary. This man named Simon was just common everyday man. But why would Jesus need someone to carry His cross? I know He was beat beyond even being recognized as being human. But couldn't God the Father had given Him the super natural strength to carry the cross Himself? But He didn't He chose to let a man name Simon help Him carry it instead. But why? Simply put God has always used man to be His messengers. Some He choose to speak His words, some were chosen to write His words down for future generations, and then their are those people like Simon. The people He has chosen to show what His love looks like in action. The Bible tells us to pick up our cross daily, which means that everyday is a new day and new chance to do the right thing. But how does this story relate to today? How can we be a modern day Simon a Cyrenian? Easy we can carry on what Simon started more than 2000 years ago. We can put ourselves out there to care for the needs of others. We can carry each others burdens. We can love those who are down. We can forgive those who have hurt us. (Including ourselves) I believe this type of behavior is in all of us. You often see how people band together during times of trouble. You see Christians and Non-Christians alike helping each other. Sadly we also see people trying to take advantage of troubled times also. Again you see so called Christians and Non-Christians alike doing this as well. (But that a subject for a whole different blog) Ok so back to the subject. We can all be a Simon a Cyrenian. God uses normal everyday people like Simon to carry His message of love on a daily basis but the question is do we want to be one of those people? Do we want to take the time to reach out to others and carry them in a time of need? You can only answer that question for yourself. So I will end this the same way I started it and that would be to ask ARE YOU A SIMON A CYRENIAN?