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This May Sound Rude....

.....but I'll say it anyway. I have a total of 26 song plays (twenty-six!), and yet somehow I have 58 fans.

My band, Red River, which is an actual BAND, only has 21 fans. Something seems off.

I honestly just don't want to get into the whole "I'll fan you; you fan me" thing. What is this, Soundclick?

This page isn't even really a music page, for goodness sake. I created it to post my FAWM songs, just for someplace to put them. I hardly expect to be taken seriously, and yet, I've managed to garner all these fans.

If every one of my "fans" listened to any of my music here, they would have had to listen to less than half a song, statistically. Really?

So,if you really want to "fan" me, please at least listen to my music first, and if you still want to, great! That would make me happy. But I'm not going to get into the game, just because you want more fans for your page, okay?

I'm trying my best to say this nicely. I really do appreciate anyone who's listened to my music and likes it. But obviously a whole bunch of people haven't.

My Official Blog

Apparently, ReverbNation does not like my blog link (something about RSS feeds, blah, blah, blah; I don't really understand it, to be honest). So, here is a link to The River Runs North: http://theriverrunsnorth.blogspot.com It's officially known as a "music video and general crankiness blog", and that about sums it up, really. Lots of YouTube videos, to illustrate my points, and yes, some crankiness. I love ReverbNation, but alas, their blog capabilities are obviously quite limited. Therefore, please copy and paste the link above to see it in all its full glory. Thank you.