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Currently booking October-December, PLUS a tour!

Hey Reverb, it's been a minute since we're made any updates to this page. So we figured now is a better time than any...right?!?!

If your answer was "No" then discontinue reading...now.

So there's been a good amount of activity going on in the world of SUB X. Since we wrapped up tour in early June coming home so far in debt it's almost imaginable, we began to write new material(not 'Light the Night', 'At War', 'One Night Stand'...ect.) but more in depth, more complex, and tighter songs. We plan on starting to record a new record by the end of the year, in hopes of releasing it to you by early Spring 2012. We've also been playing a good number of local(Ohio) shows over the last couple months and have several more planned before our upcoming 2011 Winter tour, running November 25th-December 11th. If you're from KY, TN, GA, SC or NC and could help us secure a date PLEASE get a hold of us on reverb or facebook.

Keep checking back for more updates!

May tour!

We're hitting the road in May for 3 weeks. We'll be touring through Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Indiana and Illinois. We still have some open dates we MUST fill, anything saying (tba) is NOT booked yet. So if you can help, get a hold of us!

5/6- Athens, OH(tba) 5/7- Frostburg, MD 5/8- Huntington, WV(tba) 5/9- Nashville, TN(tba) 5/10- Birmingham, AL 5/11- Columbus, GA(tba) 5/12- Tallahassee, FL(tba) 5/13- Gainesville, FL(tba) 5/14- Tampa, FL(tba) 5/15- Cocoa, FL 5/16- Orlando, FL 5/17- Jacksonville, FL 5/18- Atlanta, GA(tba) 5/19- Chattanooga, TN 5/20- Asheville, NC(tba) 5/21- Knoxville, TN 5/22- Louisville, KY(tba) 5/23- Lafayette, IN(tba) 5/24- Decatur, IL(tba) 5/25- Peoria, IL(tba) 5/26- Madison, WI(tba) 5/27- Milwaukee, WI(tba) 5/28- Chicago, IL

Again, ANY help will be great! Even if you're not in that exact city, but could still set something up near by, hit us up!

New to ReverbNation, whats up?

Hey everyone, hope you all check out and enjoy our music. There's a lot more to come soon, I promise! Keep checking back for more updates.

-Mitch X- SUB X