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2011 ended badly and 2012 began worse

Hi everyone, Its been a long time since I posted in November 2010, with great news about my youngest son. Well that changed in May/June 2011, when his cancer returned. Never experienced a sad Christmas before 2011, and then on January 23rd, 2012 - my beautiful, beautiful boy died at 6.20pm. I will never cease feeling the loss, but I do believe that Love trumps Death - every time. So there will be music. The CD will be released. There will be a new photoshoot and I have just booked studio time for mixing and mastering - plus some radio shows and interviews. I will keep you posted. Four new songs on the chocks - much of what I have inside has to come out. Keep in touch. Keep rocking. Remember - Love conquers all. XX Paul

November Time

Hi Everyone, Thought it was time I updated my blog on ReverbNation. The big news for me is that my youngest son continues on the road to recovery and has started back at work. August to October was dominated by that process, but included a lovely week in Cornwall - cream teas, pasties and Cornish ale! Musically, its also been exciting. Two songs have come out of that experience so far -with a third likely. The most important one for me is "Days will come",written at the depth of my despair, when I thought I might only have about a few more months with my son. It is now in Japan, where Remi Desroques is producing and mixing, what will hopefully be the definitive version for Wave Reader Productions. I should master the second song, "I'll be there", in the next week or so. The airplay continues unabated, and I'm really thyankful to the guys who play me, especially those at Scrub Radio and Aiiradio. Thanks BIG guys! New stations for me include Radio Liberte in France, Twirl, and even Bishop FM! Also very recent appearance on a new site, www.hardcoreremix.com, where "Georgia Girl" is one of their"Hot Songs", and I appar to have had around 900 hits in two days. Hmmm??? Not a lot more from me now, but I will keep you posted on the CD due out at the end of the year, plus all the production details, if all goes according to plan. Love and thanks to all my readers. Paul

August Update

Well its been a rough six months, but my youngest son is recovering and life can get back to a bit of normality - as can the music! Thanks to all of you for getting me into and up to the top of the AiiRadio charts. I'll keep posting email reminders - but I won't chase hard again -a return to No1 and Hall of Fame sounds nice though! And then thanks to all of you for keeping me at the top of the local RN Folk charts. This includes Bristol and Cardiff and some major label artists - so thanks again. Still one off the Top 10 National Chart - but that could come! I have 5 new songs nearing completion. I might put one of them, "Summer Rain", onto my sites - because its for my son, and is kinda special. The others I will be sending to Scrub Radio and AiiRadio, amongst others, so you might catch them being played there. Otherwise wait for the full CD - scheduled for around Christmas. Love you all.

News Updates June 2010

Thanks to all of you for getting me to No12 in the National Folk Charts and keeping me at No1 in the local one! My first "liveish" gig in 27 years on Sunday 20th June. Its on radio - The Mary K Burke Show on Glasgow Radio (www.celticmusicradio.net). Its also on AM radio (tuning details from the web page or in my events guide). The show is on from 7pm to 9pm (British Summer Time). Its just me and a guitar - so it will be simple. It is live - so no pyrotechnics. I could crash and burn - so beware! My first 6 songs put up on the website are now also available as an MP3 CD on Amazon, ITunes, etc.. Album scheduled for later ( a proper CD!) with several songs you will not have heard on my site before. Stay tuned, LOVE! Paul