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What can we (BDO) Say....

Just Keeping it Real!!!!!!!!!!!.....-BDO-

the Holidays!!!!

are nearing upon us as is my most favorite time of the year "the Fall" we are super excited with all the projects we are working on and we cannot wait to share them all with you soon!! We Thank God for his blessings and continue to strive forward with him going before us we hope the best in your lives and ours...God bless...WE LOVE the FALL!!!...Christmas will be right around the corner ger ready RAZA!!!!...-BDO-


We all have them, you have them even though they are not welcomed they exist and even haters have haters we(BDO)always try to be a positive role model in the Music Industry, in our Family's lives, in our Band, with our Fans..BUT..there is that one or two persons that just doesn't get it and therefore has nothing good to say, think and/or nothing to believe in so if this person doesn't have any hope then why should anyone else in this world have it..we (BDO) are here to say WE ALL ARE SPECIAL IN EACH OF OUR OWN WAY so in our own way we want to say to our very own haters we say THANK YOU for making us stronger and for making us soar above toward the sky we apreciate the attention with that we bid thee well and farewell oh and God Bless & that we love you too!!...-BDO-

Truly Its better to give than to recieve....

Try it just once its a feeling no words can describe and I encourage everyone to give whether it be a little or alot...you can help someone a stranger, a family member, or a friend give out a helping hand God will bless you I know and can promise in your time of need God will supply one way or another ...Have a Joyous Christmas we love each and everyone of you and only pray for the best for each of you...-BDO-