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I swear this is a dream!!! I was told this is only the beginning!! I'm so far beyond happy or excited, I don't know what to call it!! GRATEFUL!!!!!!! I have worked so hard to gain the respect from my peers and to get the attention of a LEGEND for my music far exceeds what I had originally hoped for!! For those of you who have continued to support me, I will NOT let you down!! I'm ready!!!


March 9th 2012 is the date I'm releasing my sophomore album "DarkRnB" and I couldn't be more excited!! I have worked really, REALLY hard on this project! I devoted all available time, money, blood, sweat, tears and last but not least my heart in it and to it. Throw "Independent" in the mix and I'd dare you not to pray! Do I think "DarkRnB" will be for everyone? No. However, I am certain that there is something in it that can speak to you. We're all the same, life's a circle, you know? I'm not trying to change the world, just give it some good, classic music called DarkRnB. I respect every fellow Independent artist cause this game is mean but if you'd do it if nobody heard it or of you for that matter, you gotta GO! DarkRnB Release Party March 9TH 2012 @ The Local @ 9pm.

2ND Album

"Dark RnB" is coming along better then I had hoped!! Got some new blood on the album!! These guys are some amazing producers you'll be hearing a lot about!! Please do stay tuned!! The goal is the same, to do better then my last effort and to make music you can always feel. Timeless, classic, good music! Being a student of it has got to be one of the most rewarding parts!!! I love this!! I really thing you will love it too!!

Change of plans..

"UnSung" Was a working title but I have had a change of heart. while the reasons I had for using "UnSung" As the title of my next album are still very true to me, the way the album is coming along has changed it to "Dark R&B" Once you hear it you will understand why that makes more sense! "Dark R&B" is me..

2nd album title..

I decided to go with "UnSung" as the title of my 2nd album. 1st reason, I am a HUGE fan of the Documentary series on Centric. For me it is a history lesson as I wasn't allowed to listen to secular music when I was growing up so I never got to learn about these artists. 2ND reason, I don't feel like there's anything brand spanking new under the sun so everything is a bit of a rendition of an original, however, the stories on this album haven't been told this way. Because I'm a story teller, these songs, each one is an engulfing story that has unexpected conclusions, but you have to listen. 3rd reason, I have been singing in and around this town for YEARS and never got the recognition a catalog like mine would normally come with. Even though I have been working in the town for years I'm still pretty unknown. I'm still a baby in it, as far as popularity is concerned but a baby who has been studying her craft for years and still studying it, honing it. Which in my opinion is a blessed position because I myself kinda like to be counted out, the payoff is so much sweeter!


Just about done with the 2nd album!! So excited to share it!! To every supporter I've ever had, you have encouraged me to continue on "No Matter What"!! This town has been great to me through out the years, I will keep reppin PO to the fullest! Thank you so much!!


Today was so long and draining that it manifested into a full on migraine. Now that today is over on to the next. JuneTeenth!!!!