Hidden Fortress Interviewed by Vancouver Is Awesome!!

VIA music segment "The Bassment" interviews Hidden Fortress. Check that shit out right here!! http://vancouverisawesome.com/2011/04/08/the-bassment-volume-five-hidden-fortress/#more-77803

Hero Hill reviews Hidden Fortress

New Review up at Hero Hill, check it!


"All That Is" only $5 on Bandcamp

Our latest album "All That Is" is available on Bandcamp for only $5 dollars! Great deal for a great album! Follow the link here - http://handsolorecords.bandcamp.com/album/all-that-is

Hidden Fortress on CITR's "Shameless"

Check out Hidden Fortress on CITR's "Shameless" -


Hidden Fortress Still Rocking Radio

According to Chartattack, Hidden Fortress is still holding it down in the Top 10 Hip-Hop albums being played on college radio across Canada! Much peace and thanks everyone for the support...

"White Violence" on Youtube

Check out our last album "White Violence" newly added to youtube. Check it out in the videos section here on reverbnation or visit our youtube page. Links right up at the top!!

Hipster Please!

Check out the killer review for our latest album "All That Is" on music site Hipster Please! http://www.hipsterplease.com/2011/01/provinces-not-states.html


Check our blog and bookmark that shit!


Much peace...

Hidden Fortress Top 10 Hip-Hop Across Canada!!!!

Our latest album "All That Is" is listed on earshot at #8 in the Top 10 hip-hop albums being played by college radio across Canada (ending week of Jan.4th) Thanks for all the support everyone!!! http://www.earshot-online.com/charts/index.cfm?intChartTypeID=103

Hidden Fortress on CBC Radio 3!!

CBC Radio 3 are playing "Apotheosis" and "Rick Folks"! Check out our Radio 3 page at http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/bands/Hidden-Fortress and become a fan. Call, email, text, etc and let CBC Radio 3 that you wanna hear HF! Thanks for the support....