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The Common Threads will be doing a special performance at a private party this weekend April 13th. This will be our first gig since work on the CD began, be nice to stretch our legs a little!


little get together for the band this weekend, been a while, this will be the first time we run through the finished versions of several of the new originals for the CD

Thank you all !!!

Thanks so much we are only one song play away from 2,500 plays and 2,179 profile visits, not bad for a bunch of home boys!!!!!! Love ya all.......CTB


Recent update to reverbnation now shows every state and country where we have fans. We could originally only see states with the highest fan density 12 states checking today revealed 24 states across the country and fans in England, Australia,Japan, Germany, France and Ireland! Thank you all for listening and liking our sound :)

CD work going great!

really excited to hear some of the songs we have been working on coming down to the finished mixes for the CD. Spent some very productive time at Nicks place yesterday running harp tracks for Liquor Store one of the new ones almost ready

broke 2000 profile visits

We are currently at 2059 profile visits to our reverbnation page and closing in on 2500 song plays!! Thank you to all our fans and friends. We are still working on our first CD this is a long process especially since we have all comitted to making this as perfect as possible.

not booking

We have cancelled booking any shows to give ourselves time to work on our first CD. We have around 14 songs written and need to work out all the details associated with composing and arranging our work. We will keep you updated and possibly post some of the work as we complete it.

2000 mark

Hey a huge thank you to all we are only 9 page visits away from the 2000 mark for our bands page! Over 2300 song plays in that many site visits!!!

Rising to the top

after nearly two years at the number 4 position on the charts we have moved to the number 2 position on the local charts. Setting our sights on the number one slot for 2013!! thank you to all our friends!! with out you there would be no us.......CTB

Show Cancellation

Sorry we will not be playing Bayou Bills in Valdosta Ga. Jan, 18th 2013. They are under new ownership and undergoing renovations during this date. We will update when rescheduled thanks!.....CTB