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Melodic Media Studio

State of the art Macintosh recording, mixing & mastering facility, with isolated tracking booth for vocals, horns, woodwinds, strings & percussion.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, near Wilshire & Western Ave.

For examples of our work, please visit (http://www.facebook.com/melodicmediamusic). For booking inquiries, please reply to this account, or call us directly at 323.610.8887…Thank You!!!

Computer: iMac 21.5" / 3.66 / 4GB RAM / 1 TB Hard Drive Software Applications: Logic Pro 8, Cubase 5, T-Racks 24. Plugin Software: Kontakt 4.0, Battery 3.0, Absynth 5.0, FM8, Reaktor 5.0, Guitar Rig 4 Pro, BFD2.

Hardware Components: Yamaha (HS50) studio monitors x2, Yamaha (HS10W) sub woofer x1, M-Audio (Fast Track Ultra) 4 channel USB interface, PreSonus (BlueTube) stereo pre amp, ART (Pro VLA 2) 2 channel compressor, T.C. Electronics (M-One XL) stereo effects processor, Mackie (1402-VLZ3) 14 channel mixer, Korg (NX5R) sound module, Stanton (STR8-80) turntable.

Microphones: AKG (C214), Shure (SM 57), Shure (SM58), Cad (585).

Keyboards: M-Audio (Axiom Pro 49), Ensoniq (ASR 10).

Roland V-Drums: TD-6 (sound module), PDX-8 (snare trigger), KD-8 (bass drum trigger), PD-8 (tom triggers x2), V-11 (hi hat trigger), CY-12R (crash/ride trigger), CY-8 (cymbal triggers x2).