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Time To Be Human - Pre Order for 17th February 2018

I am very proud of this work, the songs were written between 1997 and 2017. Songs about two timers, first timers, old timers, good timers. All the timers.... https://deonpowterband.bandcamp.com/releases

Available for pre order now, time to be human can be sampled at bandcamp.

From the 17th February it will be available pretty much everywhere.

Please enjoy, it's so much fun making the music, and there is a lot to listen to here.

Thank you.

Agnes 2016

tuning my guitar, taking a moment, one breathe in, my shoulders rise, hold it, wow that D is really flat.

Stage crew being unbelievalby helpful and professional. I can sense the keyboard player behind me, possibly wondering how long will it take to go on.

Bass player making adjustments to his sound.

Drummer on the riser, hopefully taking in the sights, checking his thoughts, ever present in the moment. Likely thinking about his family in the green room.

I take a few seconds to think of mine.

Get everything right. Breathe out. Business training keeping me relaxed. Don't start the presentation if the projector isn't right. Sound check. Acoustic guitar, sounding sweet, electric guitar, probably driving the amp a bit too hard to be honest but i don't know how to work it and would probably stuff it up so just leave it, yeah just put on some reverb, stab at an A minor. OH YEAH. Another breath.

MC gives a brief history of Deon, I am reminded of my wedding day when the celebrant offered our guests some insights to our relationship prior to the ceremony. Same feeling, same thought, 'how do you know this stuff?'

Tempo got to be right for the fist song, think, feel, click, click, click, drummer says 'is that a bit slow', Yes actually it probably is. Meanwhile the MC has said his final DEON POWTER BAND and the crowd are clapping and whistling.

Like excited holiday goers, packed waiting for the taxi to take them to the airport. Machine gun snare for 1 bar to start and GO.

Huge wall of sound, hammond screaming, bass driving, guitar swelling like the ocean, cymbal crashing like waves onto the beach. My head suddenly dizzy.

Here it is guys, its no taxi, but a well tuned and polished, carefully assembled Mustang Shelby GT350 with custom parts manufactured brand new from countless hours of looking at classic cars and we ain't going to no airport.

We're driving you the whole way.

Every sound coming at me from every angle. Threading it back through the microphone and guitar. Leave nothing in the tank Deon. Give them everything. Be brave, humble, honest and have purpose.

Someone tells me there is 5 minutes to go. Well we can't play that one, that leaves Supernova to end on, right then burn it up and thank them again, probably for the too many-eth time, and leave the stage.

What an incredible show. Really well organised. Wonderfully received by revellers and musicians alike. The staff and volunteers were so helpful.

Hopefully get an invite again next year. fingers crossed.

The Deon Powter Band

Just finished rehearsals with the band for the Agnes Waters Blues Roots and Rock festival and the sound is coming together. I had a look at the set list and wrote a song specifically for the event to put in there for levity, you know a bit of fun, By biggest take out though from tonights rehearsals were, HOW LUCKY AM I, to be able to play original music with three other guys who are willing to give up their time to make the music. i am also really proud of the way the band has come together. The more we play together, the more i want us to play together. It just works.I am sooo happy to have this group of players to bring my original music to life. Who knows what will happen after Agnes Waters. Fingers crossed.

Agnes Waters - From disappointment to Elation

I suppose it was a bit wet last year when organisers decided to postpone the festival, I guess a cyclone is a good reason to pull down the tent. That's all behind us now and the long range forecast for February 19 - 21 2016 is warm and sunny with enough breeze to carry music from the stage to the your ears. I mean have you even seen Agnes Waters!! So excited........ again.......

Australia Zoo Gig

You know momentum is building when you get contacted via social media based on recommendations. This is what happened to me the other day when Aust. Zoo contacted me based on two recommendations from her friends on Facebook. I was super excited to play this gig for a few reasons. 1. There is nothing better than a recommendation 2. Australia Zoo is an awesome place to play. 3. I could play original music as well as covers.

The gig went great and the people were sooo nice. I will jump at the opportunity to entertain for them again.

If I can get more of this style of work it will be amazing. The next step is to get people requesting my original music. Fingers crossed.

...Album taking soooo long. The tracks so far are genre-ing towards country. Which I am surprised by and happy with. ha.

The Outback Trailblazer with The Outback Romeos

Last week i traveled to Rocky and Gladstone for my day job work, i got a 'going over' by the explosive detection people. I was smiling off into the distance when she commented on my dusty bag...... The car i traveled in was not sealed very well but the roads workers out at Birdsville did a great job of grading the roads for us. They knew we were coming. The trip was amazing, I played guitar every chance I could get, except once Tony Romeo did ask the whereabouts of my guitar while our road trip Magician (not a typo, mechanic) Crusty switched out a radiator on the side of the road, just this side of the middle of nowhere. I played in the following towns Mitchell - caravan park - campfire singalong Eromanga pub - in the corner, acoustic non amplified Windoora pub - with Tom Brent JPY and Michael Walker Birdsville pub - with Tom Brent JPY and Michael, special guest on rock solid drums Bill Grant. Bedourie pub - This was an absolute magical afternoon/evening. The sunset behind us was stunning, the gig went for quite a while and the cold air hit my vocal chords, we covered so many different genres that night, it was really special. Managed to raise $400 odd dollars for the cause by asking people to pay for requests too. Boulia - campfire at the races. Romeos were very kind and listened to an originals only performance. I gained a lot of confidence from this relaxed setting and my songs really connected with a lot of people. Cheers guys. After we got to Winton, I made my way home in one of Crustys Toyota surfs, only hit one roo on the way to Barcaldine. I called ahead and the proprietor of the Shakespeare pub swapped a bed and a dinner for a gig. That was fantastic bush hospitality. Coming out of my daydream looking back at the explosives detection lady, we exchanged bush stories, (she drives cattle once a year) I told her there was still dust on her boots. The Outback trailblazer raises money to help fund Angel Flight. Angel flight pilots donate their time to provide no essential transport for patients and loved ones in rural areas.

Not according to plan

Ok, so the agnes waters blues and roots festival was a washout and was postponed, I couldn't perform due to my gig schedule. I was heartbroken, I had a really good bunch of musos ready to unleash the tunes on the crowd there.' Sigh' Anyway, I have recorded the first track at my brother's place, originally was going to be an EP until i could get the funding to do the album, but crazy mind is on here and it sounds great.

Februrary 2015

So, I have 11 tunes that l love and am keen to record to an album. I started with no project time line so it's stretching out a bit. I tell someone i want to record and they say have you done 'xyz' yet. NOPE! But now i think i am ready to unleash the songs on musicians who are willing to record them (cheaply) I have a lot riding on my upcoming gig at the Agnes Waters Blues and Roots Festival, if there are people there and i get good feedback then i will be one step closer to the big red button.

new song

Sometimes when i am totally at peace with myself, i can get energy from where my head is at, and sometimes my eyes are open enough to get a look at how awesome nature is, when these two feeling line up, they feed off each other and i feel so good i feel like i am going to burst. this is my new song title, it's a bit long, will have to shorten it.

Reach out and, reach out and, reach out and touch somebody

I have said it before but it's so true that every gig is different, a venue full of people from different places, there for different reasons. When they get together on the dance floor, a real time and space connection takes place. "hey I don't know your name, but we both know this song" that is what I love about cover gigs. They're not all the same but I still want to make that connection every time. that's what is exciting about cover music... It also is starting to spill over into my song writing, I used to think a song was written by me, for me, but now I realize a song is by me but for you. That's cool. I am going to write about stuff we all go through or see or feel in the hope to make that connection with my original music.