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Sept-Nov Blog

Well, yes ... it's been a while. But she's back! And now we're knuckling down to business to see out our first year in chunk and welcome the next! Exciting times. Firstly a HYOOJ shout out to Metalicious Entertainment, Ten Thousand and Lipsmack for giving us an awesome comeback gig at theEd Castle on Nov 23rd. It felt so good to be back onstage dishing the chunk and we were blown away by all those who turned up early to see us. THANK YOU! Recording at Chateau Duano will recommence soon where we will be busting together some BRAND NEW TRACKS! Yep, that's right! In fact ... we just might have one more gig up our sleeve before the end of the year. What better time to try them out? Stay tuned for details, but above all... \m/ STAY HEAVY \m/

August Blog

PHWOAR!!! For those of you who turned up to the Diva Demolition/Bellusira gig at Enigma Bar on August 30th - THAT, was an epic gig! Having the nervous responsibility of being the first band on with the pressure of warming up the crowd, we realised we had no need to worry about playing to an empty room. Thank you so much to our TOWfans and new supporters who turned up early to check us out! We are very humbled. Of course, the Divas and Bellusira carved it up and our good friends 4 Kings Loud completed the excellent company we now keep. Not only did we get to play with three of Australia's up-and-coming finest but we also took advantage of our first live gig in three months to test drive a new song, Hatred. And the response? Well, again, we are very humbled. Along with Pumper, Hatred is the second TOWtune written with Duane and Harlee at the helm, telling the story of misplaced faith in those that infatuate us, be they a lover, relative or mentor. Back to earth now as Harlee continues her work OS and Duane shuffles back to the studio churning out his magic. Whilst we continue our small hiatus you can probably catch Uncle Pete in his other various guises on the live circuit, including Pistenbroke and the almighty Perdition. We are returning, TOWfreaks. New gigs announced shortly in time for the "Summer of Chunk" \m/

July Blog

VERY interesting July here at TOWcamp... Still hyped over the super exciting news that we would be supporting the glorious Diva Demolition for their first national tour with Bellusira, a bit of a reality hit our guts over news our (and many of Adelaide's tormented souls') favourite haunt, The Squatters Arms closed down. A tribute night was organised with many Adelaide bands rallying to the occasion. Of course The One Within was amongst the celebrations, but with Harlee working overseas former TOW vocalist, Pat Cummins, graciously took the helm, filling in to allow us to pay tribute to Paul and our beloved "Squat." The night was such a success with so many quality and diverse acts united for a common cause, that there are rumours of the occasion returning annually, showcasing more of Adelaide's talented rejects (and not-so-rejected) in the spirit of The Squatters Arms! Now, don't think for a second that just because Harlee is off doing her "day-job thing" that we are taking a break! Thanks to modern technology we are still creating more of our self-styled chunk-metal and just may have one or two new tunes to perform at the Diva gig on August 30 with Bellusira and 4 Kings Loud. Will you be there?

May/June TOWblog

Hey TOWpeeps, WOW, time flies!! Our heads have been down concentrating on recording and writing so much we didn't realise what month it was, let alone what day! Everyone has been busy with all things The One Within here at TOWcamp. Duane is locked away again in the studio, Harlee's hard at work on our brand spanking new website and we just recently had an awesome jam on new tunes and set list. We even blew off the cobwebs on some older tracks that MAY be resurrected ... Great news came our way a few weeks ago in the guise of a new gig! The One Within are proud to announce their support slot for Diva Demolition! You may know the Diva's from their recent national tour with KISS, Motley Crue and Aerosmith, so it's a bit of an honour to open for their CD launch in Adelaide. Local lads 4 Kings Loud are also on the bill along with Melbourne arse kickers Bellusira. So lock in August 30 at Enigma Bar for one helluva gig! Also stay tuned for an upcoming gig with Metallica tribute monsters, Master of Puppets. HUGE night in store. So May and June may SEEM all quite on the front line, but let me tell you, it's pretty Chunky in these here trenches! Haha! \m/ Stay Heavy \m/

April TOWblog

Hey TOWfo's! March was a pretty awesome month finished off with a gig at The Cavern Club for Heavy Metal Easter with Full Frontal Lobotomy. April was no exception. Our first headline gig at the Squatters Arms with Blood Red Renaissance and Priority Orange (check them out on Reverbnation!) was fun-tacular. We always enjoy "The Squat" and it's underground style ambiance, sticky beer floors and loyal hospitality from Dick and Paul on the bar and our immaculate host, Mr Belial! It's great to see and be a part of a greater music community in Adelaide - the camaraderie between bands, genres, styles is on the up. What do you think of our new band photos? The lovely Manda Calvary worked patiently with us one balmy Thursday evening and we're pretty stoked with the results. Big thanks, also to The Producers & Exchange Bar for letting us run rampant with beers and camera in "TOW." All in all, we're all moving forward and looking forward to our May adventures. Look out for up coming gigs on May 11th and 17th. Hope to see you lot there! In the meantime \m/ Stay Heavy \m/

March TOWblog

So, TOWfans! Firstly, thank you all for your support over the last 5 months since Harlee's arrival. She's seems to be settled in quite nicely and is now comfortable enough to kick our butts along to keep this monster moving. As most of you are aware our last few shows in Adelaide have received bloody fantastic reactions and it's pretty awesome seeing more and more of you turn up each time! We're already performing one new song written with Harlee with two more about to make their live debut. Plus, we've all been spending a considerable amount of time in Duano's studio, where he's been hard at work recording, tweaking and mastering so expect some new tracks up soon! Yep, 2013 is looking pretty Chunky. And it's damn cool to have you all along for the ride. Stay Heavy \m/


Hi folks, The One Within are very excited to introduce our new lead vocalist Harlee - she is one hell of a singer, and is proving to be an awesome addition to the band's sonic assault - we cannot wait to start writing and recording new material asap - stay tuned for more news as it happens \m/ \m/