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Band Update

Our bassist Rev Metzger is doing much better after a recent back operation. We are still in the preliminary stages of recording a new album of material that I plan to release one song at a time. CEK Music also just released a fresh, live version of Dreaming of Oz with the new band. We are looking forward to playing live again this year. It's been a long process and I appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into this music. Lots of love~ Cari

Shakti the System

David Schiffman keyboardist for Cari Kind has joined with Cari to produce the EDM album Shakti the System. Surendra was their first release offered as a free download here on ReverbNation for a limited time. Surendra is being featured on the Planet E radio show out of Moscow with host DJ E who produced the extended mix of the song and is playing it in clubs around Europe. Since the release of the album Cari Kindl has shot up to number 1 on the RN Charts in the Indie category for Tallahassee Florida but also reached 326 in the WORLD. Stay tuned for the new releases coming soon!

Recording a New Album

Cari Kindl is in the studio recording a new album with a new a band. The band will be booking shows this summer for the fall. But we will keep you updated for any upcoming shows before then.

July 6th Show Rehearsals

Going to Jacksonville this weekend to rehearse for the July 6th show in Tallahassee.

2012~ Attraversiamo

This is the beginning of a New Age but at the same time it is a flash in the mind of the cosmos; a tiny spark of a newly created synapse that wakens the sleeping giant. We are the many that make up the ONE and each of us are unique and divine. Everything we say and do creates another parallel universe so ask yourself what it is that you wish to create. We are no longer victims in a mind game but the masters of our own domain (giggle). It sounds all so dramatic but it is true. I wish nothing but lucidity and compassion for all beings in this moment that is the only eternal moment. Much love to all~ Cari

Ellen's World Domination Quest

Just completed an anthem for the Ellen Degeneres World Domination Anthem Quest. We'll see if she likes it or not.