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Another Wednesday

Well, having survived another Tuesday! You guessed it! Here I am smack in the middle of another Wednesday. Now why tend to write these on Wednesday is anyone's guess, however, perhaps it is merely the day which I check things on Reverbnation. This would account for the seeming familiarity with Wednesday. News is coning soon about something VERY big. Keep watching for that. Now on Youtube and Facebook, soon there will be new videos posted with some new songs that will be on my next cd. There will also be a documentary coming VERY soon, which will be approximately 15 min. We shall see how the time estimate progresses. For those who do not yet have my book, well why not? lol Dont you think it's about time you got it and what all the hype is about? Or, is it hype at all. You can certainly find out through reading it. You can also read excerpts from my book on Amazon.com in the book section. Just search for Peter Britt, I'm there baby! A big thank you to all my friends and fans, especially all my friends on Facebook for your friendship and support. So, here are some links. Don't wait another minute, go get yours today! :) p.s., I am only listing 4 of the 18,743 web sites I have infiltrated thus far. lol www.allthatiamithink.com www.peterbritt.us www.thatswhatlivingsfor.com www.cdbaby.com/cd/britt

Wednesday February 10 2010

So, Wednesday has rolled around again it seems. There are some new things coming in terms of news, and VERY soon. You will be jazzed! I am. For right now, however, I wish to inform everyone of a new contest I are putting on. What you can win: 1 ea Autographed copy of my book "All That I Am, I Think!" 1 ea Autographed copy of my CD "That's What Living's For" 1 ea Autographed poster 1 ea One-of-a-kind Peter Britt Street Team T-shirt What ytou need to do: Go to my Facebook page, then click on the "My Band" tab. Once on the band page, become a fan and join the street team by going to my Reverbnation page. Once you are on the street team, you will receive a "Street Team Mission" e-mail. From that e-mail you can choose a banner to post EVERYWHERE in the universe. My Reverbnation account will track whichever banner you choose and keep the statistics for every click the banners you place receive. I am giving this contest approximately 30 days to give all a chance to get signed up. Basically, whoever places banners and receives the most click-through's will be declared the winner. All prizes are guaranteed and non-returnable. I already have a shirt anyway, I don't need another. lol Please remember, the Street Team T-shirt will be one of a kind, and no one else can get this shirt but the winner of this contest. Please join up and watch for your street team mission e-mail and start posting in blogs, social networking sites, and anywhere else you can think of. Let the game begin! Peter Britt P.S., Here is a shortcut to my Reverbnation page so you can become a fan and join the street team right away to get started: NOTE: You must have a profile on Reverbnation to join the street team. This only takes a minute to do and there is no cost to you to join. Please follow the link below. http://www.reverbnation.com/#/peterbritt

It's Wednesday, again!!!!

Wel, I decided to start a blog and see what happens.....My plans! Alright; as it stands right now, I am looking for new band members, and I am also preparing to film several home-type videos of new music, which be be on my next CD. Additionally, I am preparing to post a special video VERY soon, which will be posted here, on Facebook and Youtube. What is this video going to be about? Uhh, that is confidential at this time. It will be known quite soon, however. I am planning and expecting this video to generate more than 1,000,000 views on Youtube (I have a plan). So hopefully, all my friends and fans will view it, and recommend all thier friends to view it as well. What songs will I be doing in the hope-type videos to show some of the new songs? Hmmmm, I have not decided exactly, I only have a few ideas at this time. However, here is an idea of the songs I plan to video: 1. An Ordinary Woman ©2005 Peter Britt 2. If Heaven's Full of Angels ©2003 Peter Britt 3. In Her Eye's ©2004 Peter Britt 4. I'll Do Anything ©2006 Peter Britt Now this is just a plan. I may change the songs for others, at least one or two, perhaps. At any rate, these videos will be done soon, and I will be posting them when they are comoleted. On a personal note: Not much to say presently. Life is, well, for some reason it just KEEPS GOING ON EVERY DAY, and no progress, nor change has been effected through my efforts. Yet, with a true heart I forge ahead, however slowly, with the hope that all is in the right hands. On another note, my music is up to #89 locally for Nashville, with a sharp upward trend. GOOD! The Peter Britt clothing store on Reverbnation has had a good start, which by the way, so everyone knows; the clothing on the store is about exposure, not about profit. yes, I do receive a modest sum for anything which is sold, like $1.00. I am not making much on it, which I did not plan to do, nor is that my purpose. My purpose, it get all the lovely ladies out there wearing Peter Britt baby! lol Now for all who see this, I also invite you to visit Amazon.com and read the excerpts from my book, "All That I am, I think!". Then, of course, go purchase it! :) When and if, you decide to get the book, however, if you get it from my personal web site www.peterbritt.us then I send it myself and I can autograph the book for you. The CD? www.cdbaby.com/cd/britt s collecting dust, right! lmao Seriously, without my friends and fans, I would not have people reading my book, or would I have anyone hearing my music. Most importantly, I would not have nearly as many good and wonderful friends. Thank you all for being a friend, fan, and supporter. More to come. New blogs are coming. Thank you all. Peter Britt