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DLS Best Rapper Contest

Do you think you are the best rapper? Prove it at this rap contest!

This is the DLS Best Rapper Contest and you can rap or sing about anything. You do not need a huge budget to win this contest, but the song has to be of high quality. Anyone can win and 5 winners receive prices in a total value of $820. Check out the website for more information. 1 month is left to submit, let's do it! Good Luck!

Deadline is August 31st 2012


Ca$h Out Remix Contest

After 6 months of silence in terms of remix contests I'm finally taking part in one again. Ca$h Out organised a competition to remix his new hit single "Cashin Out" and this is my, the DLS version. The rapper will choose a winner out of all song submissions and a few runners up will be chosen according to popularity in votes. In order to win, I need votes and your vote would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support.


Remixes Mixtape

You can get my remix mixtape for free with remixes of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell to Kylie Minogue and Public Enemy. http://www.mixtapepage.com/index.php?order=mix&mix_id=13941

Beat Library

If you're interested, you can find a Beat Library on there:




Merry X Mas

New Beats Online, please have a listen :)

Merry X Mas


New Beats

New beats online now.

Remix Contest- Listening and Voting

Dear friends, I took part in a remix contest of Mav ft. Juice. In order to progress, please have a listen to my remix (Mav- Til The Sunrise (DLS Remix)) in the player under number 21. You need to scroll down within the player. The you can vote at the bottom of the page by choosing DLS and submitting your vote. I hope you like my remix and feedback is always welcome. Thanks for taking your time and your support is greatly appreciated. All the Best. DLS http://www.phoenixhiphop.net/phoenix-videos/check-out-the-mav-feat-juice-til-the-sunrise-official-remix-competition-contestants/

New Song/Beat

Good Morning folks, I upladed a new beat called 'All-Star Knowledge'. Please have a listen if you have some time. Thanks. Have a nice day. DLS

Album release

My first album is out now.