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Shopping New Album/Finding ways to push our music further!

We are currently shopping our new album "The Cycle Of Dust" trying to find a label that understands what we are trying to do. We have some killer shows coming up Dec 10th in Cleveland and Dec 17th at Ziggy's in Winston NC, if you can catch one you'll be in for a surprise that's for sure. We are currently writing new music for our 4th album. This band is evolving into something no one would have ever thought it could. We push our music our unique style to its fullest. So keep your eye's open! Kenny Of 3 Quarters Dead

3 Quarters Dead/The Genesis of a New Era

This Saturday (March 26TH) will begin the birth of the upcoming 3 Quarters Dead album. We will be putting some last minute touches on Friday night and head for "The Basement" recording studio with Jamie King Saturday morning. Kenny should be tracking by 2:30pm. We will be recording the whole process on video,so we will have a "making of"available on you tube when we are finished. After recording we have the album packaging and a photo shoot in April. We are hoping to for a June release. Maybe sooner,maybe later. We feel we have some really strong material this go around. Of course we are sticking to the 3QD sound. It has a little bit of everything from melodic hard rock to balls out thrash.But no song is the same all the way through. It's pretty badass i must say. Anyway, we'll keep you up to date through out the whole process,so keep an eye out!

We'll see everyone VERY soon, 3 Quarters Dead