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Workplace photos

What has happened to the annual workplace group photo?

I think this is a tradition that has been forgotten and should be reborn! I would love to have photos of myself and my workmates that I could look back on in 50 years and reminisce about.

So come on employers and employees...Bring back the group photo!!!!

Set up for failure?

I've been think a lot recently how, during my university years studying music, we were constantly told things like "You may as well forget becoming a session musician or famous artist". Whilst these statements are quite realistic in the most part, I can't help but feel there must be a more constructive way of teaching.

True, we need to be prepared for what it's really like out there in the real world, but maybe quashing these dreams so early on, is what is preventing a lot of people from 'making it'.

Does some part of us give up then and there? By putting a massive stop sign in front of any slight threads of hope we may have had, thinking "Who knows, maybe I will manage it, I mean it has to happen to someone, why can't it be me?" By crushing that thought, have you set us up with a disadvantage before we've even begun?

After all dreams can be interpreted as escapism, a place where we can realize our unrequited longings; and can we not interpret music in the same way? A place - listening or playing - where we can be someone else, realize our wants and needs. So maybe by planting that negative seed in our heads right from the start, you have instantly take away that one ingredient; essential to making it...a dream.