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In the Studio 2002

I was sitting in front of my computer when i grabbed my guitar, then inspiration felt coming but the computer was running slow, since its a pc and the time is 2002. didn't have much experience but a few old computers that i only recorded midi in, so this was a big break to have a "faster pc" i did my first good music in this one (or i think). So i looped some drums with acid (pc recording looper audio soft), yeah acidpro was from sonic foundry instead of sony,s. After making my drums semi mix, i tried to do a good base for the bass, that i might add was also looped, so i carried on doing some more to it and adding some more looped percs and synths to get a good base having a blast adding a lot of thingies. Sat down the next few days to figure some lyrics, since i play guitar i started to find a melody for it with the guitar. The next day came and still i had some ideas but not all of it, some didn't please me about the lyrics i´ve made for it. Another day, poof! my computer was running still slower than before from my loops, so, still in the program "acid" for recording i took my guitar and connected to the mic input through a soundcraft mixer as a monitor in/out. started to build the riffs and rhythm guitars. Finishing that i said, well, ill do the themes that i made for the melodies and then start to improvise to see what works, but then,jeje, my computer crashed and aaaahhhh!!!! i got angry and said ok, ill reboot rerun acid and record this fast and good without mistakes to bounce it and listen to it in a cd then from there ill see the next step to make it. So started to record again and...Bam!.. my hands took over all of the guitar board coming and going very comfortable in doing so, felt passion inside!! felt alive! in the zone! and still going like on a trance of soloing without being pretentious still kept surprising myself, remembered all of my guitar influences to inspire my fingering feelings! ;). Finished without the computer crashing! oh yeah! i was so happy with what i did and listened to what i just did, the skin on the back of my neck started to rise after each riff and note.. ah.. im in heaven with my self and a bit afraid, you know its hard then to remember when you don't practice the lines first and then let it "rip", so i had to re- practice playing along with it to decide if i keep every phrase i made soloing. Played along and still every phrase sounded sensual and honey like to me, almost orgasmic and i wanted lo lick my guitar to taste that!. Bounced it and listen to it everywhere!! loved it !!. That is my first experience making the ON Album and i might also add i didnt start the first song planing on making an Album with it, for that matter any of them. This is my first Instrumental Album solo made on a pc running acid looper and me and my guitar...o and a "mac" 8 years later to master it ;).Still playing since. Cheers for anyone that read this, and oh by the way, if you mention or comment on my profile or email me that you read until these lines here ____ and there---, i will email you a FREE! Alvarroco pack zip with 3 mp3 ringtones for you my dearest friend! XoXX. Alvarroco