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Reverb Nation= AMAZING!!

Yo everybody this site is so new yet so amazing!! i cant believe something this great was ever invented!! not really sure about bulletins but this fan reach thing looks pretty easy to use. and get this, to all our myspace people that wanna buy our cd but hate paypal....well we are gonna give you the same songs for download (as far as i know so far), but the other songs will be posted but for sale at a much more convient way!!! how cool is that!! so make sure you burn lots of cds and fill up your mp3 players cause we wanna spread the word like a camp fire gone awfully wrong (or right depending on how much you hate smokey the bear.....peanut butter stealing bastard).

so spread the love and join the fog nation!! love you guys...oh and don't forget to request us on your favorite radio station!!

Milo...Field of Grey

Kashmir  (about 10 years ago)

Just one more f'in site to become addicited to
thanks milo thanks

rockenrollertami  (about 10 years ago)

THIS DOES ROCK!! I can't believe what 'myspace' did, they get the 'rock' outta here! LOVE to YOU ALL, oh & let me know when in the hell I get to see you!! tami442003@yahoo.com. Always, tam

Up4theRide  (about 10 years ago)

yeah thanks Milo lol - yet another addiction...

seriously tho it'll help me not only with you guys but also the other bands I'm friends with and/or do the wannabe promo ho thing with LOL - well you know what I mean - you've seen my page :) So thanks.

Love u guys too!

Ariella Rush
Ariella Rush  (about 10 years ago)

This place kicks MySpace in the head! Love it. And that bear is a peanut butter stealing bastard! *striking matches* ... must make big fire for fog ... Your music is phenomenal! *hugs*