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Feeling the Love, feeling the music!

Great night tonight as we played a show to help benefit the pups and kittens of Idaho! An organization called SNIP, snipidaho.org helps low income pet owners spay or neuter their animals so that we don't over populate and have animals with no homes. It's a good program with good people. There was a lot of love in that room the Rembrandt Coffee House today.

Speaking of love, I definitely feel the thaws of spring setting upon me. This winter was an internal working one for me. Re-evaluating much that I've put on my plate and deciding to fine tune more and more things I would keep off my plate or the things I want more of. I'm excited and it's nice to be excited. We have a wonderful album that hasn't even hit iTunes (yet) and is selling well (thanks to you spreading the word!). We have a lot of love in works with our friends/fans. We have fun doing what we love. We have new accompaniment and friendship in band members. It's great to be a part of this musical adventure and I never want to loose sight of that!

And sometimes folks, in the weary days of the winter when the finances are tight and the sun is away and the inspiration isn't musing through our door, we musicians can have an over active brain! Ha! As we all can. Think of it this way...we are the "creative type"...so we can create our "misery" in pretty remarkable ways. Ha! Big laugh. So...I used my creativity this winter by doing some remodeling in our home, writing new tunes, learning more tunes, getting organized, writing writing writing and reading good books. One I'd recommend Sonia Choquette's "Soul Lessons - Soul Purpose". Great read! The kind I have to go read again cause every paragraph is like a lesson! I'm also reviewing the "Artist Way" by Julia Cameron and ironically these two authors are best friends. How interesting!

Another little habit I've gotten myself into and feel free to do this if you'd like. I set my alarm on my cell phone to ring at a certain time, in the middle of my day. That little bell goes off and not only does it mean..."Oh my God it's 2:30 already!" but it asks me..."What 3 things are you grateful for today?" So..I take the time and deliberately roll over in my head the things that I am grateful for in this day!

All of the folks that have joined us on our fan page via Reverb Nation or Facebook...I'm totally grateful. I'm grateful to have amazing love in my life. I'm also grateful I get the chance to spread the love around in the eyes of those reflecting back to me during a live show! I so appreciate this humble gift called music!

I hope you all can think of 3 things you are grateful for and recognize the beauty that you bring to the world just by being you!

Cheers and have a delightful March! Thanks for listening, thanks for reading this and thanks for believing in us!!!